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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by northern-matelot, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. Right here's the story:

    I'm of on a 8 month trip soon sailing over to warmer climes, I need to be able to keep an eye on my bank account as I have to manually pay my credit card off each month (too many missed payments due to the bank screwing up the payment dates!) and also transfer money to housemate towards the mortgage. I'm with HSBC and ever since they brought out these secure-keys (I'm now on my 4th key since Xmas) I've had issues trying to access my account. Every time it costs me about £5 in phone credit to call them and unlock my account and I don't really fancy using my paradigm minuets once I've sailed.

    So can anybody recommend a decent bank to me cause I've had it up to here with HSBC now!
  2. I would recommend HBOS, I'm part of the Bank of Scotland so using all the Halifax branches is ideal.

    Only downside is the quick deposit machines only accept Halifax not BoS, whatever you do avoid RBS as their new so called branch timings are s bloody joke.
  3. Natwest?

    Their secure key thingies are only needed for setting up a payee, subsequent payments can be done without it...
  4. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I have used Barclays for years and years and never had a drama.

    Natwest also has easy internet banking (well my husband uses them so must be easy :p )but I hate NWB because they are part of Royal Bank of Scotland and are ******* (in my experience)
  5. My Dearest Mr Friend Matelot!

    Pleased to be advised by the grace of the Lord I would be able to manage your accounts for you. I am being a most professional man in the business of the banking, the insurance and the most tip-top haircuts.

    Plese to reply to me by PM (Pigeon Message) with all your banking details and I will be looking after your account with the utmost expedition and care.

    Oluawaye Plume

    Captain, Nigerian Army
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  6. That's Laird (yes I have a paid for title) Matelot to you Sir!

    Account no: 123456789
    Sort code: 98-76-54
  7. Could you not just get the credit card company to set up a direct debit and the bank a standing order to your mate? You should be able to sort the later online.

    As far as the credit card goes you should be able to set it p to either pay the balance, minimum or a defined amount monthly.

    Edited to add: would be simpler than moving but if you do want to due to pish online account management take a look at Barclays. I've been with lloydstsb 20+ years but I'll be moving accounts soon for a multitude of reasons but especially there ever changing t&c's that seem cost me more and more.
  8. As mentioned earlier, because the bank messed up the payment dates (trying to take money out of my account when there wasn't any in) and I missed 3 payments in a row, I am no longer allowed to set up a standing order or direct debit,
  9. First direct, same as HSBC and you dont need one of those mong key things!!
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  10. MrsPlume got one of those PINSentry jobs & cannot now do any online banking with Barclays unless she has the device. I've refused to have one and while I can't set up new payees can at least still pay the major bills.

    I'd love to get that pingit app, but it's only available for creative designer-walts with iPhones, urban teen rioters with Blackberries and people who have something called an Android. Want it for my Nokia & want it now!
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  11. First direct, it works with mongs and even older mongs!!
  12. I think, you Sir, may have just outed 2/3 of the armed forces as walts, my good man!

    Sure it won't be long before pingit is on windows mobile software (if you have a new Nokia that is)
  13. Option 1. Your housemate is a monkey of good repute. Give her Power of Attorney to operate your bank account on your behalf whilst you are away.

    Option 2. Go to the Waterfront Cafe, and have a word with the Lloyds birds.