Bankers feel remorse for credit crunch.

BBC Link.

My heart goes out to those poor, guilt-ridden bankers. After all, bonuses will be "way down" despite the government bailout.

I've no doubt the same thing's happening here, with the bastards crying into their handfuls of used fifties courtesy of the Bank of You & Me. I'm just hungover enough to have forgotten where the rope and pitchfork are stashed, but give me a few days...
Sir Win Bischoff, from Citigroup, said his industry was "partly to blame" and some within it did feel "remorse".

He said forthcoming bonuses would be "way down" at his bank,

I am amazed he thinks they are worth any thing, normal failures get sacked why are bankers any different?
Some of these bonuss have been taking the p1ss for sometime.

If a bank goes down the tubes, and has to have a government bail out then I can hardly beleive there are people in the firm who deserve bonuses.
These banks should have been let go down the pan.

Failing that,NO government money should have been released until all bonuses were cancelled,executive perks binned and corporate jets sold.

Those perceived responsible within the banks for the current mess,sacked forthwith with no severance or pension entitlements.

That's how the capitalist system is supposed to work,the took the profits in the good times,so they should not take taxpayers' money when the solids hit the fan,especially as the banks' greed caused the current mess.

What's the betting,when the recession is over it emerges the banks did rather well profit wise,whilst the rest of the country goes further to the dogs.

Trebles all round,and a nice little non-job with a fancy title and unlimited expenses for Alister Darling in a leading bank?.

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