Bankerism Vs. Racism

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DeltaDog, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. No matter where you look - the office, the local pub, TV - ill-educated rants about the 'greedy bankers' seem to be the flavour of the day.

    Now don't get me wrong - I understand the anger at taxpayers having to bail out private companies who behaved irresponsibly. I'm a taxpayer, and I certainly wasn't happy. However, many responsible banks were completely unaffected. Even within the affected banks, the vast majority of staff were not involved in what happened. To state that all bankers are part of it is like stating that all Muslims are suicide bombers.

    And it's hard not to draw parallels with racism. Instead of "******* pakis", it's "greedy bankers". Instead of "taking our jobs", it's "ripping us off". Instead of "free houses", it's "big bonuses". Instead of the various racist stereotypes put about, the stereotype is one of fat, cold-hearted villains plotting against us.

    From the hate-filled language, the selective use of facts and figures, jumping on isolated incidents to tar every one with the same brush, and resorting to emotional statements ("stepping on the small man") when confronted with logic, it really does seem like racism directed against a different group.

    Thankfully, racism isn't tolerated in public or aired on national TV. Unfortunately, 'bankerism' is perfectly fine...
  2. Imagine if you were a black banker?!?!!!
  3. There's one important difference, though. Not all black people are *****.
  4. Bet you wouldn't dare say that the other way around.
  5. It wouldn't be true the other way round. :wink:
  6. I bet jealousy plays a part in the hatred for bankers tbh, my uncle is a banker and he's certainly not a cnut. Always get a healthy amount of cash from him for Christmas and my birthday :)
  7. Its also the new form of rabble rousing politics as Ed Miliband yesterday was telling the goverment to reign in the Bankers Bonuses when all else fails that seems to raise your popularity amongst the mob.
  8. Not all ***** are black people?

    Don't see whats so wrong with that.
  9. Well people are calling me a 'Merchant Banker' but I've never worked in the Banks.:cry:
  10. They mixed up W with B.
  11. It's Labour scape goating. Most bankers I would imagine would be Tory voters and it is easy to blame a small minority than it is to say "oops we fecked up on the old boom and bust, people really borrowed to much over the years"
  12. I'd rather let a banker in my house.....
  13. well the lefties need someone to blame for the failings of their budget plans, and going after their own PM would be a bit close to home, wouldn't it?
  14. I would think to a certain extent it to be expected. just as the many peasants revolts and uprising ocurred within the feudal system, when control of the land in an agrarian means of production determined the levels of society, so, when the "harvest is hard" in a capitalist system the lower orders (myself included) will rail at those conspiculously at the top. By that I mean control of Capital, which is now global, and thus frees those capitalists in the financial sector , to take their business (which is not small potatoes) to any free market country should they deem taxation to be excessive. Try doing that with, for example a light engineering firm in the uk.... basicly, the banks are the bosses and the new govt is just as scared of them as the last govt.

    The banks are the bosses, we are not "free" in any real sense of the word, and now the amount of money floating around in the city has been contrasted against the credit crunch of the real world, with real people making/selling real things in real businesses it would take a fool not to expect some backlash of opinion. unfortunately opinion is what it will remain.The only way is to elect a hard left communist government, then were all fucked, but I could understand it happening..
  15. your analysis of bankerist being akin to racist, is of course deeply flawed and utter shite

    you can choose to be a banker

    you cant choose to be black.

    if your disgusted at the amount of filthy , dirty , sick and easy un earned money you are making in the bank, then leave and do something else.