Banker red-faced over blue photos

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Banker red-faced over blue photos

An Australian banker is in hot water after being filmed looking at semi-nude photos of a model while a colleague was doing a television interview nearby.

He could be seen clicking on photos of Miranda Kerr in the background of the Channel 7 interview on Tuesday with an analyst for Macquarie Private Wealth.

The footage soon made its way on to YouTube and became a huge hit.

Macquarie Private Wealth, however, was not amused and said it was taking the matter very seriously.

The images of Ms Kerr could clearly be seen during the Channel 7 interview, only at the end of which does the banker turn to the camera and realise he has been filmed.

A Macquarie statement said: "Macquarie has strict policies in place surrounding the use of technology and the issue arising from the live cross on Seven News is being dealt with internally."

The banker in question, said to be a mid-level client investment manager, has reportedly been meeting executives to determine his future.

His colleague, Martin Lakos, had been discussing interest rates in the Channel 7 interview.

A spokesman for Channel 7 said it had expressed its concerns to Macquarie over the incident.

The Australian said Macquarie's human resources department had e-mailed all 11,500 staff around the world with its internet policy, telling them to "familiarise themselves" with it.

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