Banker Beaten to death

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Until they're given 25 years (Which they actually serve) for such offences they're going to keep doing it. It is so fecking simple yet ignored by the Lefties. Lets hope its one of them/their own next time and not another decent member of society.

    Poor fcuker
  2. Sadly he is just another statistic of this pathetic once great country.

    The day we instill some of the old values and treat scum for what they are, the sooner we will stop this sort of shite.
  3. Prison is the answer.

    To quote a mate.

    "I'd rather wait 10 days for a doctors appointment than see a criminal get community service because there is no room in jails"
  4. Suppose it saves him commiting suicide in the next few days. :roll:
  5. How many people were involved???

    A Lithuanian and his girlfriend, 3 (now arrested) 20-somethings, Frank McGarahan, his brother, his cousin, a strip-club bouncer and counting.....
  6. Naughty :twisted:
  7. Serious porridge wears them down over a life time. Put them in and keep them in.

    There was a Judge in America who sentenced a man to 999 years with this closing comment, " Son, the grandparents of your parole board ain't even born yet".
  8. Thought he was killed by some angry mob after their money.

    Misleading headline :lol:
  9. A similar case involved the bloke who ran the 'operation ore' kiddy porn web site in America. He was sentenced to over 1,000 years at his trial but he appealed.

    The appeal court showed mercy and reduced his sentence to 700 years. Who says judges have no sense of humour?

    In America, convicts are given a sentence for each offence and they serve the sentences consecutively. In Britain, they serve sentences concurrently - effectively they only serve the longest sentence.

    That's why you see convicts asking for other offences to be taken into consideration. It won't affect their time spent in prison and it means they can never be charged with those offences in future.

    Anybody fancy an ARRSE sweep on how long the banker's killers will serve? I've heard of people serving 3 months for manslaughter.
  10. Anyone over 21 will get life - minimum 12 years.

    Others, who participated in this act of self defence against one person ie. the 'teens', will receive anything from 18 months to 3 years in a Young Offenders Institution.

    Poor little feckers, my arrse.
  11. Has anyone learned of the ethnicity of those who killed this poor bloke? Should they turn out to be "enrichers" from somewhere foreign I suggest that we pay a lump sum to either the Chinese, Pakistani or, possibly the Somalian government as "board and lodging" for them to be "outsourced" to one of their jails to serve their eventual sentences. If we can do the same with every other foreign criminal at present banged up, at a cost of five National Health Service patients each, we could save shed loads of money and reduce our prison population by about 30 percent. Job done!