Bank statement Arrse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. Just had a statement from the bank.
    The wife is very curious to know why I have given money to someone called Arrse.
  2. She's actually thinking "well that explains it"
  3. tell her to mind her own fucking business and try to dodge at least the first punch, after that your on your own
  4. She's probably quite thankful that you're paying for someone elses aarse instead of trying to shove it up hers.
  5. Could be worse, you might have a statement paying into MDNs' hamster fund.
  6. That's a bit fucking cheeky of her- looking at the bank statements I mean, let me refer you (and her) to the other thread about the "Obedient Wives Club."
  7. How the fuck did she reach that from the kitchen sink.Shorten the fuckin change you dope and tell her to mind her own fuckin business and get the dinner on.
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  8. You meet up with Jarrod much?
  9. You guys crack me up.Safe behind your computer screens,you are all very brave.
    There has been a deafening silence all afternoon,which has been actually quite refreshing.
  10. Ah, I love to be different, you see I'm in front of MY Screen!
  11. Why would you let your wife see your bank statement? Trousers and, wearing spring to mind.
  12. I read it when you posted it and just thought what a cock.
  13. Then why fcuking post,and how are we supposed to answer you lemon.
  14. Once again the cleverer, quicker lot got in first. You are still a mug Van.
  15. Is that what you do with all your wimmins?