Bank holidays whlst in Germany

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mac7778, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. Whats the score??

    Are you meant to get both German and Uk bank holidays whilst posted out here or is it at the units descretion? :?
  2. Mostly you get the German Public Holidays. And they don't always fall on a Monday, so you could get your Public Holiday on a Sunday!
  3. what about uk bank holidays whilst in germany?
  4. I'm working today... 'Nuff said!
  5. If you work during a uk bank holiday you can claim the day back
  6. You'll find that most BFG based units take the German bank holidays. This is due to the high numbers of local civvies the Army employs.
  7. Correct me if I am wrong but you will find that you are ENTITLED to the UK bank holidays as you are BRITISH and work for the BRITISH Government. Mrs Chimp took today's bank holiday last week as she is working today on a course. When I was in if you worked the UK bank holiday you were given a day in lieu at a later date (not neccessary of your choosing though)
  8. ^ I'm owed about 60+ days in lieu then....
  9. The onus is on you to claim them back - no-one is going to do it for you im afraid.
  10. As I seem to remember in BFG you tend to do quite well out of the public holidays and benefit from both UK and German holidays (obviously different if your on duty , though you should get a day in lieu) , this is still the system in Cyprus .
  11. You are wrong. You are not ENTITLED to any Bank Holidays, it is down to unit/Bde discretion. In Germany, units traditionally stand-down for German Holidays, which means you are better off. You are not ENTITLED to both
  12. You are NOT ENTITLED to Bank Holidays, Full Stop. Even if you work in the UK

  13. Well in these days of JPA, you are given the day as a days leave and then if the unit stands down, all personell taking the day are to put in a days leave (on JPA). Those who have to work the day therefore are then up one days leave.

    As JPA works month by month, it will automatically credit you these days. i.e 2 in may, 1 in August. Ive yet to see what it does over the xmas break.

    I am not a JPA guru in any shape or form but thats what it does here in Blighty!

  14. That's great but you are dealing with the Military here not some wet civvie - I believe that is what you are quoting isnt it civvie employment law, as the mil do not do part time (TA exempt here) or get enhanced pay for working overtime....... So I am CORRECT WHEN I SAY YOU ARE ENTITLED under Military rules......... Here endeth the lesson
  15. Your an arrogant twat arent you. You are NOT ENTITLED TO ANY BANK HOLIDAY> ITS AT UNIT/BDE/DIV DISCRETION.

    The reason I know is because I used to have a LCpl work for me who believed that he would oneday be Prime Minister of his country, had a HUGE chip on his shoulder, and believed the whole army owed him everything. When ordered to come into work on a Bank Holiday, he was stroppy and demanded he have the day off. So I did some research, which perhaps you should do, and found out.