Bank Holiday to Honour Fallen Heroes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Twattipus, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. That's a great idea. I hate going to work after armistice day with a hangover.
  2. and if you do go to work it will be another day to add to the double bubble list the more bank holidays the better
  3. Is this response an example of how the Bank Holiday would be received?

    Surely viewing it in these terms subtracts from the gravity of the meaning of the day.
  4. Look at the top of the page its in the NAFFI not current affairs hence the less than serious comment you fucking skip licker
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  5. My local MP and actually not a bad egg, in contrast to the twunt she replaced.

    However, the idea is a bad one. Remembrance Sunday is the time and local war memorials are the place - and people shouldn't begrudge giving up half an existing holiday (a sunday) to remember the fallen. Bank Holidays should be holidays and frankly we're getting into a slightly iffy habit of having too many and seeing the commercial impact.
  6. I would say that it is a fair reflection of how the majority of workers would view it.. or just another day off with pay and a piss up the night before.

    Maybe I'm just being cynical, but it is what I think.
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  7. I've a better idea why don't people give a days pay up and go to work.
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  8. I can't believe none of you raving bandits have asked the question.

    So here she is........

  9. I think its a bad idea. We have times to remember our war dead and yes I know they are not holidays, but thats enough.

    Also, as has been suggested, already, a majority of people will just view this as a day off.
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  10. Or why doesn't the nation just move one of its existing BH across to Nov 11? On reflection, nope - it ain't broke so why try to fix it?
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  11. Quite a few serious replies actually, you shoulder-chewing mutant
  12. I think that our MP's, MEP's and members of the the House of Lords, should be made to give up a day's pay and a week's expenses to the RBL.
  13. You are, of course, correct. She is well worth giving one up the hoop. Two in fact if I'm allowed tiome to get me breath back.
  14. THAT, is pure class. I thought I was going to soil myself laughing!! Well played Sir.