Bank Holiday Monday (22 Engr Regt)

Can anybody help, I'm based at 22 Engr Regt, Swinton Barracks and i'm in the process of having my summer leave, i'm due back next monday (27-08-2007) but it's a bank holiday and i'm not sure if we'l be workin bank holiday monday! I don't wanna drive all the way down there only to be told that i'm not due in til the day after!! I've got no number to get hold of anyone at the barracks either!! Can anybody help?? Will I be expected back on monday or do i get it off becos its a bank holiday? If someone cud msg bk asap to let me know, Cheers
Nightrained said:
Well, I don't have to be back until the tuesday, the 28th, but I'm not 22.

However, whats one day? You're on rear party and you're friends are out there breaching mine fields and building hesco under fire in Iraq.
Shut the fcuk up NT! What the fcuk would you know? At first I gave you the benefit of the doubt but your neckiness is all getting a bit too much. Wind it in a bit eh?
Back to the original poster, you really do have crap admin. You must have filled out a leave application (or done it on JPA), what date did you say you'd be back? What did Regt & Sqn Orders say? Did your troopie/SSM/CoC not tell you when you are due back? I don't believe you don't have a single contact number for anyone in the Regt. As a Troopie I made sure all my guys had my and my SSgt's numbers before they went on leave.

If you're still not sure, and you don't get an answer, get yourself back for the Monday. At best you'll save everyone the usual hassle of trying to find blokes who don't make it back on time. At worst you'll waste a day of leave, which would serve you right for being such a mong.

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