Bank Charges

I have been reading up on the topic of bank charges and the possibility of getting a refund from those tight fisted gits called LB (big horse and things). :x :twisted:
I have noticed that credit card holders have won the right to get their money back, buy is there any news on bank charges? Have the courts decided if we are able to submitt our claims :?: :?: :?: :?:
The situation is that the OFT has taken several of the big banks to court. This is to determine that the OFT has (or doesn't) have the authority to make the banks stop applying unfair and unlawful charges. The case is over, but the judge won't deliver the judgement for a while - possibly several months. All the indications are that the case will go against the banks, who will have to refund customers.

With credit cards, the OFT determined some time ago that the penalty charges were unfair, but stated that if they were £12 or less they would not take action against the companies - so most CC companies reduced their charges to £12. However, any penalty charge is still against Common Law, so the whole amount can be claimed.

The site posted by LVH is good, as is

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