bank charges


this is not a wah,

could some one please tell me how i claim back bank charges and which types of charges this applies to? are we still allowed to or has this been stopped? and do you just need your statements? and how far back can you claim?

many thanks

a dumb ex cloud puncher


It depends what the charges are for and if this is a first incident or not. Usually if it's a first offence then they will waive the charge, if it's the tenth time you really shopuld know better.

Consider it like an ND. The first time the range officer might just kick you in the throat. After that the punnishment could be endless.

Best way to avoid bank chaerges is to spend less than you earn.

Lecture over, back to the question, go to moneysavingexpert for the solution, however, you need to hold on (unless you are already looking backwards nearly six years) as payments are currently on hold - due to one of the banks fighting a test case.


thanks for the replies, yes i'm looking at about 6 years worth of charges,

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