bank charges decision time

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sharkie, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. linky

    at long last many people could be getting a well timed windfall

    ps and i know the news reporter has an unfortunate least he isnt called william or wilf!!!
  2. Is this a good thing? I am not so sure, it will probably mean the end of free banking.
  3. They'll give with one hand and take with the other. Tenty pound a month for running a current acount will become the norm and, if you don't like it, you can fcuk of somewhere else. Oh wait - if you want to pay bills by DD, shop online or run a debit card you can't can you?
  4. Can't wait!!!, don't think we will get a full rebate though, probably only a percentage, ?80%.

  5. I've had free banking ever since I was 16, I've never paid a single bank charge, I've never gone over my overdraft and I've never bounced a cheque or direct debit. If the "consumers" win this case, I'll most likely have to start paying.

    It's f***ing stupid.

    I hope they get turned down flat. Why should I have to start paying bank charges because people who can't manage their bank accounts are whining about having to pay back unauthorised overdraft and bounced item charges?
  6. paying for your bank account is the norm in germany it is only a few euros a month. i dont see the drama
  7. I doubt you've ever had a girlfriend either and you probably live with your mother still. Try living in the real world. I signed up with British Gas the other day on monthly direct debit. The cnuts only tried to take out six months in one go, taking me right into the red. Oh, they refunded it immediately, apologised for the computer error however fighting the bank over the charge which it insists was MY error.

    Sounds like you live a simple life. Try having some fun before you die.
  8. well said scuba_frog
  9. The drama is because the German banks haven't used charges routinely as a way to boost profits. High Street banking is currently Britain's biggest organised crime.

    Think of it; they've been caught taking money they shouldn't have and is their response to hold hands up, mutter 'it's a fair cop' and mend their ways? Take the hit for their own mistakes? They've been scoring record-breaking profits year in year out for the last decade, so it's not as if they've been short of a bob or two. But no.

    Their response is to try to find some other way to avoid paying out for the consequences of their own decisions and yet again it's the customer who suffers.

    And the worst is that they hold this up as a model of financial probity! Well, in that case so is mugging!
  10. Most working class people in this country live in their little morgage saddeld houses, up to their eyes in debt and are unhappy.
  11. I forgot to pay a credit card bill once. First time ever. £30 charge from them. I called them up, told them that I'd never done it before, they refunded the charge and removed the credit reference dent. If you've not messed up before, you'll find that companies will often help if something or someone does make a mistake.

    You're completely missing the point anyway. Why should customers that can be bothered to maintain their bank accounts in good order subsidise those who can't?

    Oh, and on British Gas, you need to remind them of the Direct Debit Guarantee. Their problem they fix it. British Gas should pay your charges, not the bank, especially as they've done the rare thing and admitted fault.
  12. The supreme court have just ruled in favour of the banks Link
  13. One of the reasons the banks don't charge people for current accounts in this country is because they make so much money from charging people for unauthorised activities like these. Why should people who can't handle their own finances be subject to the costs of managing your account?
  14. You didn't really expect the Gobment to come down on the side of Mr & Mrs Hard-Pressed Joe Public did you? I mean, Cyclops and his jolly henchment have got to get money out the banks themselves as they lent them billions (of our money) just a year ago. If the banks had been forced to give it to me and you, how would the books be balanced?

    Answers on the back of either an MP's expenses claim form or a banker's bonus statement please!

    Mahatmacoat please nurse!