Bank Changes For Pay????

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by s8v8ge, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. I have opened a new account as Natwest have decided to close both my accounts with them (I only wanted one closed but i f***ed up massively when doing the paperwork as i was hung over and chinned the bank guy off by not listening) and theres nothing they can do about it now.

    How do i change my bank details with the Army and how long will this take to become effective?? as if they try and send my March 2013 wages to my old Natwest account they'll be lost in the black abyss of the wonderful world of banking and il be without beer money for ages which is not acceptable (yes its my fault i know).

    I'd like to think that as soon as i tell the army my new account details there wont be a problem and itl take effect immediatly, Unfortunatly for me life never seems to be straightforward when ever clerks and JPA are involved............... anyone know the answer to my question...??
  2. Via JPA.
  3. any idea if it will take effect immediatly ie. for march pay or am i f***ed?
  4. I'll just consult my oracle..............................

    ................nope, server's down.
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  5. what a delightfully hilarious guy.

    my question for anyone that can actually help;

    How do i change my bank details with the Army (i now know its JPA) and how long will this take to become effective from putting it in on JPA??

    Thanks in advance.
  6. Go and see your Admin Office on Monday.
  7. JPA Self Service (Change Bank Details). Only available in JPA Self Service, your Admin Office can't do it.

    But like almost every other soldier who tries it you'll **** it up. So go and ask someone who knows what they're doing - for example your friendly AGC(SPS) Administrator in your Admin Office. If they are like any of the guys who have worked in one of my SPS Dets they will stand over your shoulder and tell you what button to press.

    Go and see them on Monday. I mean it, MONDAY. Do you understand that MONDAY! Otherwise you'll be waiting for your pay and you'll not see it for ages after your friendly AGC(SPS) Administrator has torn their hair out sorting your **** up.
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  8. Beaten by a civvy...
  9. im hoping what ive read on posts on here dating back to 2006 are still correct in the sense that the pay cycle cuts out on the 14th of each month so if i do it before the 14th March hopefully itl be ok! Cant belive all the years this sites been up for no one has ever asked this question....... il go in monday and then update post so that hopefully itl help others, who, probably arnt as stupid as me and cancel there account and have a better reason for wanting to change the details. I swear beer is evil.
  10. Cheers legs, Yeah il go in Monday and update this thread. F**k i hate myself right now. wonder if anyone else has ever closed there main bank account... nope just me then
  11. You utter ****, I ******* helped you, despite you being a bone idle prick that should know these things as well.

    If you want the definitive answer to what will happen to your pay considering the dilemma you've initiated with your fuckwittery then phone JPAC.

    ******* arse.
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  12. oldbaldy

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    Nothing changes! 'Q my money hasn't gone in my bank' 'Everything looks OK to me, same bank as last month' 'Oh I changed my bank' 'Well why the fcuk didn't you tell your pay cpl?' 'I forgot' or 'I thought the bank would tell the Army' & that was the 80s.
    There are so many things I read on here that haven't changed in over 20 years!
  13. Surely your Contradicting yourself there Legs??

    And don't call Sluggy a Civvy....shes an OLD VETERAN
  14. I've done nice. My meds only allow it once a day, so really, really **** off.
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  15. oldbaldy

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