Bank accounts whilst overseas

Am I the only person who is having huge problems with the new bank security?

I used to be able to pay bills, transfer money and set up standing orders all on the internet, with a password and some memorable information. Now it all needs a specially generated code and telephone varification. Luckily, I'm not on Ops so have access to a mobile, but it has an overseas prefix, which some banks don't like. This makes any internet transaction a right pain in the arrse.

My bank can't enter a BFPO number in the postcode section of my address, so they have entered it in the address line, which makes internet purchases impossible as the postcode wont match up. And I can't change it unless I am in the bank in person.

Finally, on returning to the UK recently, I used my UK card in an ATM, only to have it blocked because the transaction was suspicious. This left me with no money and no mobile phone credit to call anyone to find out why my card wasn't working.

I know they are doing this to improve security and if I had ever had my identity stolen, then I would probably be very grateful, but at the moment it feels like they are making it impossible for me to access my hard earned cash and god knows what it would be like if I was on tour.

Does anyone have any constructive advice to help me out here? I have asked around and it seems that every bank is fcuking us about in different ways. Does anyone know of any forces friendly bank that will make accessing my cash from overseas any easier?
Royal Bank of Scotland still have a Forces Banking section based in Farnborough, which they inherited when they bought Holt's Bank years ago. They only deal with military personnel and I've used them for 20 years or so while I've been serving around the world. I've never had a problem that wasn't solved by a phone call, and they're really good on the day to day stuff that always used to be too difficult for other banks when you are abroad.

The bank is on 01252 544355 and ask for 'Forces Banking'. I'm happy to recommend them - and I don't even get a kickback!

Best wishes

I have been with my local branch of RBS since I joined up.

No dramas whatsoever, they have been brilliant wherever I have been.

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