Banished from for 20 days!

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Bugsy, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. I've been handed a 20-day ban by "dmuehler" for "disrespecting the CiC" by calling him Bush the Berk. However, I do that all the time on ARRSE, as I habitually refer to Bliar as "Phoney Tony".

    So my question to our resident Septics is: why am I expected to respect such a lying, selfish, vindictive, incompetent, cowardly and hopelessly stupid grumble and grunt?

    In my book, respect has to be earned, and Bush the Berk has done quite the opposite. So was this ban justified?

  2. They're an odd bunch over there... got a shitty on because I asked them to take some of my images down they had linked to without asking.... didn't even have the common decency to reply to my email....

    I'd say the ban isn't justified!
  3. You were lucky to get as far as being banned. I couldn't even work out how to log in - after creating 3 new e-mail addresses, US addresses and US units because it wouldn't accept UK ones. :)
  4. I think it all changed around June or so of this year, putts. Apparently they moved to another server or something and a lot of non-Septics had much the same sort of problems as you. It's only because I've been there since July 2005 that I can still log on (or not, as the case may be :D).

    But hairyhandbag has a very good point with the link. As soon as I can raise, I'll post a link to the thread that got me banned.

  5. First, congratulations! You've joined the ranks of thousands...perhaps hundreds of thousands (myself included) who've been banished from "the mil".

    I wouldn't take this so much as a political statement. I know some have been banished for toeing the exact same line that seems to have snared you. No one really knows why anything happens there, it just does.
  6. Actually, sawdusty, this is the second time I've been banned. The first time was for telling that cünt Greenhat what I thought of him.

    Anyway, here's a link to the thread that this dmuehler took such offence to:

  7. Well I read the first page. What a bunch of numpties! I wouldn't be rushing back.
  8. I question the sanity of anyone who goes to Bunch of *******.

    An amazingly meandering thread - worse even than the worst of NAAFI! (, that is, not this one :) ). And how long before somebody complained about disrespect? Could it be that most of the readers agreed with Bugsy's comment?


    Actually, I can kind of see their point. They compare POTUS (was he a pilot a long time ago, mentioned in the Bible?) with Liz, rather than with Tone. We'd probably have a go at one of theirs making discourteous remarks about the Supreme Commander of the British Army, Empress of what's left of the Commonwealth etc.

    Presumably a US dictionary would define a sovereign as a senior politician.
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking too, putts. In fact, it wasn't until some bright spark decided to post a link to explain "berk" that anybody seemed even to bother about how I described Bush the Berk, Phoney Tony and their crooked chums.


    Edited to add: Although I'm not a Royalist (obviously), I have nothing but the greatest of respect for The Queen, because she really is someone who earns respect. But Bush the Berk isn't even close to her in terms of statesmanship, intelligence and sheer hard work. Quite apart from her obvious and genuine concern for the British Armed Forces. Bush the Berk doesn't give a toss about "his" Armed Forces, or about anybody else for that matter.
  11. This is true, and something that does need to be made note of. Of course it's made easy for you becuase the Queen is such a likable figure anyway :wink:
  12. I don't know whether that's the reason or not, Chiefy. I know a lot of Brits who'd like to get rid of the monarchy, but at the same time they also have great respect for The Queen as a person, simply because she's truly earned it.

  13. What an extraordinary site!

    So much for free expression, freely expressed in the land of the free!

    In all fairness though, I have not seen (unless I have been less than diligent) any of our American friends on the multi-national forum or elsewhere saying rude things about our Commander in Chief, Her Majesty, and I wonder how we would feel if any of them did!
  14. I've generally made it a rule not to be rude about other peoples' customs, totems, beliefs, whatever, when I'm on their ground. It can lead to unpleasantness... I can see that chap's point, just as I'd be 'pizzed' off if anyone from outside were to do the same on ARRSE. There used to be a lot of it on another nominally 'British' and very argumentative site, and some contributors never seemed to understand that the Brits on the site viewed them as guests, and expected them to respect our culture. That site is now dead in the water from being overpoliced as a result of complaints to the administrators (from both sides, I think). It's down to maturity, I reckon; if you can't take it, don't hand it out.