Bangladesh the Next Afganistan?

From Jane's Security News Briefs:

Terrorism in Bangladesh
BANGLADESH is one of the poorest countries on earth, on the brink of being a failed state. And that makes it a perfect target for Al-Qaeda and its ever-expanding network of Islamic extremist organisations. The overwhelming majority of Bangladesh's 130 million are Muslim, which certainly helps. Virtually unnoticed by the world at large, Bangladesh is being dragged into the global war on terrorists by becoming a sanctuary for them.
This is the second report regarding Bangladesh, what is especailly worring is that it is democratic country. The NY Times ran 5 page special which is too big to post.

It is rather depressing that whilst we the 'West' seem to be fairly effective in dealing with the problem after it is has happened. Have Bush or Blair cast a glance over this country let alone given it any material aid to counter the potential threat?
The overwhelming majority of Bangladesh's 130 million are Muslim,
And there was me thinking that bangladesh was mainly a hinud country, what with it having fought a war of independence (over religious differences) with pakistan (who are majority muslims) 8O

or am i just miles off here :roll:
Agent Smith,

Not being an expert on the area, it was formally East Pakistan, if I remember correctly Pakistan (both west and East) formed following partitian. Therefore I assume that both had significant Muslim populations. As for the war between East and West Pakistan I know nothing about it.

I seem to remeber in the 80's that both Pakistan and Bangladesh had female PMs in fact I think Bangladesh still has a female PM.

From the BBC

Formerly East Pakistan, Bangladesh came into being only in 1971, when the two parts of Pakistan split after a bitter civil war which drew in neighbouring India.

Bangladesh spent 15 years under military rule and, although democracy was restored in 1990, the political scene remains volatile.

Analysts say the antagonism between the Awami League, which governed until July 2001, and the Bangladesh Nationalist Party reflects personal animosity between their leaders rather than substantial ideological differences.

Bangladesh has been criticised for its human rights record, with particular concern about assaults on women and allegations that police use torture against those in custody.
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Agent Smith's latest assignment is to look up ;

1 Partition and India
2. The Pakistan wars.

And write 100 times - I must not post glaring historical inaccuracies on Current Affairs. :D

PTP :twisted:

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