Bangkok to BIKE!


Just got back from Bkk, some serious heat this time of year for a brit, im assuming the guys taking part are expats who are used to it?


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Be interested to know how 'The Long March' went !

The Next Challenge – The Long March (April 18-25, 2012) The Long March, Thailand Burma Railway, Death Railway, Bridge over the river Kwai, Hellfire Pass,

Not soon after they completed the Bangkok to Phuket ride they started thinking about the next challenge and the idea of “The Long March” came about. For almost as long as he has been living in Thailand (14 years), Duncan, an ex Grenadier Guards whose Great Uncle was a POW on the Death Railway, had wanted to travel the length of the “Death Railway”. So the next challenge was an easy decision and Duncan jumped at the chance to organise it.

On the April 18 a six man team of mainly ex servicemen, will embark on a charity bike, canoe and walk from Three Pagoda Pass and over seven and a half days travel the 300km to arrive at Kanachanaburi War Cemetery for the ANZAC day services on the morning of the April 25l.

In November the group formed a new association called EVA (Expat Veterans Association) of Thailand, and this time they are doing this challenge for three great charities: Royal British Legion, The Returned Services League, and the Thai Veterans Hospital. However, more importantly, the trip will remember the men of all nationalities who worked on the Thailand – Burma railway and to commemorate the 70th Anniversary because their strength and courage should never be forgotten.

This is one challenge that they are really looking forward to and the multiple disciplines adds to the the adventure. Day 1 is all cycling, Day 2 is half canoeing and half cycling, and days 3-7 are hiking approximately 35km per day. They are finding the logistics for this trip equally as challenging with trying to plot the closest route to the railway and also getting permissions to camp in the same places that were used as actual camp sites during the Death Railway construction. It really will be a historic journey.