banging out MPGS

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by gwabird, Jan 29, 2004.

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  1. Hello all,
    I used to be part of the glorious corps
    (a gwa female :wink: ), however I was convieniantly removed due to my drunken act in smacking out some person (female) in the MPGS Chicksands :evil: 'have you guessed who it is yet?'
    Having been compensated a few english pounds for my Inconvenience I am not really bitter :lol: , I just wish to know if anyone else is aware of any injustice that has been served like mine 'In service to the beloved corps' :roll:
    ie:Violence against another service person and getting discharged... this was the first offence I have ever done, less been charged with.

    Discuss pls:
  2. How disapointed! When you said 'Banging out Mpgs' I thought you meant porn clips, oh well, I'll get me coat.
  3. So compromising your personal and professional integrity, commiting a drunken assault on a uniformed member of HM Forces executing their duty and getting discharged as a result counts as an "injustice"?

    Perhaps I misunderstand the differerence between justice and injustice.
  4. That's why you were booted out.
  5. Ulp!

    If you are not in the Gower Watersports Association then I shudder to think how the last female adjutant there would have dealt with you.

    ( best bloke in the unit etc...)
  6. are you a tasty bird? tasty as in 'would get it' rather than tasty as in 'handy' which you clearly are according to your post.
  7. You sound like my type of girl. Fancy drinking and fighting in Manchester? PM me for further details.
  8. Hello Gwabird

    I know exactly who you are. I remember you from Kosovo. When sober, you were insubordinate and sometimes rude.Drunk, you were a complete pain in the arrse. I remember one occasion when you bit an SNCO and had to be removed from a unit bar, partly for everyone else's well-being and partly for your own safety. You attracted trouble wherever you went. I hope you do better in your new career, but don't start moaning on here about how harshly the army treated you. It wasn't for you, and now you know that. Enough has been said now. Get on with your life and put the army behind you. You are intelligent and very hard-working, and I am sure you can do very well - but you were NOT suited to being a soldier. Don't waste your time feeling bitter, just do something that suits you. Closing down these means.
  9. would she be better suited to a career in say 'Spearmint Rhinos'? either as a dancer or bouncer??

  10. Wow, two sides to the coin !! And here was me thinking she was probably hard done by !!
  11. So are you an Ulster GWA then :?: I knew a Co Down lass that was as hard as nails on a course there in 99/2000 8)
  12. i know who you banged out it was a stupid welsh cow who loves herself well done on doing it all the guards in the guardroom are 2faced selfaish ****** anyway good on you girl people need to realise you cant say what you want to people and not expect anything back that just makes them weak robots at least you can get a decent job now earning more than guarding main gates xxx
  13. Have you banged her?
  14. Can I have twos up?
  15. You can have her!