Bangalore Torpedo & other funnies

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Patchett44, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. Sister of mine has just returned from a business trip to the Indian city of Bangalore.

    Prompted me to enquire about the lifespan of the Bangalore Torpedo. Was it developed solely for the clearing of obstacles on D-Day ?
    Or did it see service throughout the war and beyond ?

    For that matter, how about the Gammon Bomb, Welrod Pistol & De Lisle carbine ?

    I bow before the accumulated knowledge on this forum and profer my query
  2. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    Well the welrod was still floating around in the background in the early ninties. I doubt it has much use in todays army though and I suspect that it has been superceded with modern technology as the magazine was a little on the small size :wink:
  3. The Gammon bomb, well that was only in use for two years, namely 1943-45.

    Again, the De Lisle entered service in 1943 but carried on until '65, getting a lot of admirers in the Korean war.
  4. Is this not something for throwing into mosques to clear them out ?
  5. As I expected, many thanks

    Just one more query

    The Patchett Machine Carbine (avatar named in honour) was issued to approx 100 South Staffs going into Market Garden.
    Very few of these blokes came out following the defence of the Oosterbeck perimiter.

    My question is - Why wasn't this weapon (curved mag, folding stock, perforated barrel sleeve) introduced sooner to replace the Sten Mk 5, as it was clearly a superior weapon.

    And, What did the Germans make of it, as I assume they took possession of the majority.
  6. Maybe someone can help regards the superior bit. But as far as the Nazi's were conerned, the MP44 was the best bit of kit around at the time! Even though it was originally issued to squad leaders, the grunts soon picked them up and liked it more than the Kar-98 and other rifles etc...
  7. Got a photo somewhere of my Brother in Kenya with a Bangalore Torpedo circa 1996 he said it was dated 1947.
  8. Used BT in 1989 and bloody effective it was too. One length blew a hole 2-Unimogs wide in a Cat 2 type fence. Don't know when it was made, but a mate of mine was very nearly killed on the previous a Baby Viper that was made in 1944!
  9. Good Thread...

    I've come across a few of them on certain ranges in the south of England while on EOC a few years ago, he's a nice piccie of a selection of them found on t'internet:

  10. Strictly speaking, it was designed before the First World War 'for' the Russo-Japanese War. Elements of the Indian Army paid much closer attention to that conflict than the British Army, even carrying out some trench warfare exercises.
  11. I believe it was a Gammon Bomb that sealed Reinhard Heydrichs fate after the sten jammed
  12. No, that was a ham grenade. Anyway, here's some more on the Gammon Bomb.
  13. No, it was horse hair.