Bang Babes Advert Over There >>>>>>>

edited due to pressing wrong fecking button
Looks to be some babe TV show, not sure wether its all hardcore or otherwise. They are having a forces themed weekend so should be plenty of DPM clad hotties
apparently they want you to bring your 'weapon' and do some 'banging'....maybe its a range night?? :D
Cheers Bigbird, unfortunately I can't open the link, friggin access Nazis!
is a young blonde lady, wearing not very much, asking all you 'lovely boys' (yeah RIGHT) it pop over to Sky whatever and pay squillions of pennies to talk to scantily clad 'glamour models' (of which i am obviously a prime trust me on this one) who just LOVE soldiers!!

1.speak to our gorgeous on screen babes
2.if you're shy then why not listen in on one of our sexy on screen babes having a filthy chat with someone else to one of the sexy girls at home. Thats right, we have sexy girls all over the country waiting to chat from their own homes

its totally live and the girls you see here are the girls you get to talk to!!

8O mmmm and MDN is a bald Morris dancer with one leg, false teeth and impressive moobs......oh no hang on.... :D
I agree that this ad is much better than the previous muscle man ad that was up there. How would you know it's the same girls that you're chatting to?

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