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apparently news of the world has a feature on military bandsmen no longer due the performance pay they get, instead the mod are going to swallow it - anyone know about this? if so its not fair IMO.
Pretty much guarantee that a civil servant dreamed up this stupidity. As civil servants now command and control the Armed Forces, and as the CDS cannot argue for fear of forfeiting his peerage, then we now have 'no hope' or 'Bob Hope'.
apparently news of the world has a feature on military bandsmen no longer due the performance pay they get, instead the mod are going to swallow it - anyone know about this? if so its not fair IMO.
Just been confirmed on R4 ... with a suitable comment about further impact on morale .... in the grand scheme of the mishandling of MOD projects and budgets a penny pinching excercise to show " Look we are really doing something to reduce expenditure " .
Musicians across the 3 services were able to undertake what was called category 4 Engagements (Cat 4s). These were gigs that the band could be contracted to undertake for a private engagement, ie corporate dinners etc. For this work the band members received a taxed payment. All costs including transport, insurance, accomodation, etc were to be paid for by the sponsor. The contract for the gig could be cancelled at extreme short notice should service needs require the band.

If a cat4 engagement fell on a weekend, it was highly unlikely that a day would be given in lieu.
Most guys would have rather have had their Saturday night off rather than sat on a bus for 4 hours for 50 quid.
It was only the boss that made any real money......I think he got 10% of the overall fee.

Contrary to urban myth, bandies don't get paid extra for service gigs as told to recruits by instuctors..........
So, everyone complains about Fat Cat Bankers getting bonuses whilst working for taxpayer bankrolled institutions, but as soon as musicians lose the ability to earn extra money by using taxpayer funded uniforms, instruments, accommodation and training to trade under Defence's Corporate image, the MOD are accused of penny pinching!?! REALLY? The system has been in need of reform for ages and hopefully this will improve their quality of life and stop them leaving on the scale they currently are. Senior Band Management beasting bands in order to get their 15% is a disgrace and an abuse of power.


Why should they get extra money for doing their job? Do you get extra for stagging on? So, they play an instrument? Yeah, so what?


Do soldiers get asked to stag on outside the Hilton Hotel after their normal duties have ended?
No, they get to stag on in less glamorous locations like the front gate of any barracks where they happen to be serving...and strangely enough,it's always after their 'normal' duties have ended. Duties which include soldiering, not 'jamming in the practice room' with your mates..a one..a two..a one, two, three, four..
So when bandies are going out on Herrick, leaving their instruments behind and manning the convoys, is that not soldiering?
So when bandies are going out on Herrick, leaving their instruments behind and manning the convoys, is that not soldiering?
Yes. Thats their "Job".

Playing for a room full of Vacuum cleaner salesmen isn't, thats called "extra duties".

When I got extras I certainly wasn't paid extra for them. I love a good Miliatry band me. Heres hoping they are a bit more available for Military Functions from here on in.


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Piccolo playing flat footed whining fat /thin spineless useless cnuts, Join the ******* Armed services to be a ******* bandsman!!!
CO 2 Para had the right ******* Idea when we went down south, he left the limp wristed ******* wasters on the dockside.
I love the way that some people here are trying to make out that an Army decision is the CS fault. Is there anything out there that the CS hasn't been blamed for on this forum? Personally I think my career highlights to date were assasinating Kennedy, faking the moon landings and unleashing the X-Factor on the world at large... I wish I had the sort of power and control in my CS day job that people think the CS has - it would make life a lot easier!

More seriously, I love the way the Telegraph tried to spin that the MOD CS bonus payments are somehow linked to this - because naturally something implemented on the CS against the wishes of its members, and which the average CS neither wants nor can control, is somehow relevant to the employment of military bands outside of their main roles.
Stagging on outside the Hilton for an hour or so then returning to your hotel room, sounds horrific to me!


These are the same bands that purged when they were warned that they might have to go on Op Tosca in 2007?

Bandsmen are told to stand guard - Telegraph

Some quotes from the article -

"The worst thing about this is that we are essentially professional musicians who have not seen a rifle since our basic training,"
"The whole thing is ludicrous because we are musicians not bloody infantry. Three in our band are already saying if this goes ahead they will resign on the spot."
I remember when each Battalion had a Military Band. They were decent lads fully integrated in Bn life. As well as their musical responsibilities they served as Medics and manned Coy Int Cells in NI, stagged on at TAC in Borneo, etc. They participated in pre operational training attached to Rifle Coys, did their APWT/BFT, etc. Many members of the Band represented the Bn at football, athletics, boxing, they pretty much formed the Bn hockey team. They, with the Pipes & Drums, did sterling work recruiting and keeping the regiment in the public eye.
The first MM (the equivalent of today's MC) awarded to 1KOSB on D Day was to a Band Sergeant acting as a Medic, I recall several members of the band wearing Korean War medals having volunteered to serve in rifle companies.
Sure they were compensated for private jobs though a percentage of the fee went to the Band Fund for the upkeep of instruments and uniforms, etc., and a percentage went to the PRI which benefitted the entire Bn. Sure the Jocks called them REMFS (but they applied that sobriquet to anyone not in a rifle company) - by and large they were simply regarded as just another sub-unit in the Bn. We enjoyed their music....though much preferred marching to the Pipes & Drums!

Course it's different now with Divisional Bands coming under the Corps of Music and completely divorced from regiments/Bns but I don't think they deserve the vitriol!

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