bands you return too when pissed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. The Who and Big Country with a side order of Iron Maiden do it for me.

    When totally wankered the jam and queen.
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  2. Stiff little fingers mind you dont need to be pissed to listen to them.
  3. This one:-

    and this video clip:-

  4. 30 seconds to mars, 'This is war', is my pissed music of choice lately after a night out before drink induced sleep. In fact the track 'Hurricane', is getting a play now I mention it!
  5. Guns n Roses. Welcome to the jungle. Gets me stirred up. Hurt by Johnny Cash can turn me into a moody cunt after a dozen beers or so.
  6. Strolling Bones
  7. Emo.
  8. Last time I was pissed and that was a long time ago, I find a bit of frantic disembowelment got me in the mood to welly the wife around the house.


  9. So you like love ballads then?
  10. Yeah, I'm a big softie.... I cry a lot.
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  11. Thrash metal. Slayer, Sepultra, Obituary early Mettalica. By eck they put out some cheerful ditties.
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  12. Then you need to lock yourself in a dark room with some Johnny Cash cds and a bottle of rum.

    You know it makes sense...
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  13. Slayer, now you're talking, seen them a few times now, last time was along with Slipknot at Cardiff. Early Sepultura, oh yes.

    And of course these, disbanded now and Devin is doing his solo projects but hopefully they'll get together again.

  14. I've never been particularly into music but ABBA back in the seventies did it for me when I'd had a few. Especially the blonde bird in the group.
  15. This one?