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Bands that SHOULD have played on the Titanic

So, as the stern of Harland and Wolff's most famous product disappeared beneath the waves, which warblers and sqauwblers would you like to have been standing on top of each other, all loyalties and friendships forgotten, in a 'I want to be last to drown' stylee?

Be as vitriolic as you like.

I've several nominees but I'll start with Ultravox, mainly because of Midge Ure's moustache, but any of Simon Cowell's proteges would do.
Ultravox? How very dare you sir, they are an awesome band.

Id say The Dwarves playing Motherfucker just as it went beneath the waves. Not because i dont like them but because itd be funny as fuck
/\ Round right round by Dead or Alive.....You'd prefer Dead I take it.

Duran Duran, Le Bon would float for a bit and his layers of blubber could like a whales act as insulation, but the rest would all go down sharpish.
Anything that has been on X-Factor/Pop idle and therefore has zero talent! I swear the auditions for these shows should be a an exercise in public shootings or chemical castration!


Book Reviewer
Every Rap/Acid/Techno/Hip Hop artist there's ever been or ever likely to be - and I'd fire a couple of torpedoes just to make sure, not to mention machine-gunning the survivors. Depth charges would be good too.

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