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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by RearWords, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. Whilst perusing Arrse and the Films, Music & All Things Artsy it occurred to me there was no thread on bands & concerts seen.

    I saw Muse in Teignmouth back in Sept 2009, they put on an incredible performance for their home town. Fans took over the small town and were made to feel very welcome by the locals! The lasers were superb against a clear starry sky and Muse introduced us to their new album - "Undisclosed Desires" coming across as a fav of mine. Was anyone else there?

    Just recently I saw Ocean Colour Scene - lucky to see them in a small club in Crewe, right at the front. They played a good 2 hours and the atmosphere was great. There were so many songs they played that I liked except my cheer up song "Mechanical Wonder". Anybody else seen them recently?

    Ok bands I would like to see, so if anyone has seen them and wants to give the lowdown on whether they are worth it?

    Florence & the Machine
    Green Day
  2. My mates in Rancid (Greenday was once too). Over in April, you'd enjoy that one.

  3. Well i would defo want to see Florence and the Machine. Elbow would be worth a look but not Green day and other American Emo crap!!

    The Charlatans
    Acrtic Monkeys
  4. Greenday is not Emo.
  5. My verdict on bands I've seen:

    AC/DC - Excellent
    Bloodhound Gang - Not too bad
    Metallica - Excellent
    Foo Fighters - Excellent
    Queens of the Stone Age - Not as good as expected
    James Brown - shiite
    Iron Maiden - Great!
    Red Hot Chilly Peppers - Great
    REM - Good
  6. Loads Ive seen - Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight, The Killers, Snow Patrol, The Fratellis, Muse, Babyshambles, Enter Shikari, Maximo Park, Rage Against the Machine, Kaiser Cheifs, The ting tings, Kings of Leon, Manic Street Preachers, Pet Shop Boys, Glasvegas and loads more I cant remember.

    The best by far was Enter Shikari at Glasgow Barrowlands back in 07, two broken toes and a bust nose :D

    Edit to add: I also got triked into seeing Leslie Garret at the Royal Concert Hall... was not the best night out I ever had.
  7. Well its got that minor key American pie type thing going on either way green day are ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Went to see Metallica last year hell of a gig great night, would loved to have see ACDC, i liked the Red Hot Chilli peppers but then all they starting doing was songs about Califonia and got bored with them
  8. seen ....

    The Quo
    Iron Maiden
    Bon Jovi
    Big Country
    The Cult
    Ocean Colour Scene
    Blink 182
    Beach Boys
    Deacon Blue
    The Alarm
  9. I saw Kaiser Chiefs a couple of years ago. Ricky Wilson perched himself on the mixer deck stage for 2 songs and got close and personal to us mortals. They were great and the audience was a good mix of ages. Not sure I would enjoy them so much now as their later albums are not a patch on their first.

    Almost forgot Kings of Leon on my bands to see list. Although I did see them on tv at a festival during the summer and was very disappointed with their performance (so was the audience by all accounts). Got the impression they are the American equivalent of Oasis as in argumentative.
  10. I like the Kings of Leon but not for the reasons most people like them alot of the people I know thought they were a new band they have been around for years and their other albums are far better than "Only by the Night" and that song Sex on Fire has just been completely murdered now !!!!!!!!
  11. Sepultura - Great
    Motorhead - crap
  12. The best I've ever seen was Bruce Springsteen. Saw him in 1988 in Sheffield and again in 2003 in Crystal Palace. Great concerts with old and new stuff played. No pissing around with supporting acts. Him and his band for 3 1/2 hours. Can't wait until I can get to another one!
  13. Saw U2 in Dec 1982 in SFX in Dublin (approx 1000), then in Aug. 1983 in Phoenix Park with Simple Minds, The Eurythmics and Big Country in support - pretty good!

    Springsteen, Slane, 1985 - Fab! - 1988, RDS, Dublin - Good Cardiff, 2008 - sound was crap!

    Queen, Slane, 1987 - seriously dreadfully crap.

    Fairport Convention, Cropredy & Half Moon, Putney - Fab.

    Moving Hearts, Baggot Inn, Dublin - Fabulous!!!

    Richard Thompson, lots of places - marvellous.

    Saw Doctors, Cropredy, 1997 (I think) - one of the worst bands I've ever seen!
  14. Ok going down my list of bands that I've seen many years ago.

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - And I'm talking the original line up before the plane tragedy. Will never forget "Freebird". They upstaged The Rolling Stones, who were at the same festival, in my opinion. :D

    U2 - The day their "War" album went to no.1 in the British album charts. They celebrated with champagne on stage and Bono climbed on top the speakers and perched himself on the edge of the upstairs balcony singing "New Years Day".

    PFM - Italian band discovered by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. A mixture of classical and rock. Anyone else ever seen or heard of them?

    It is to my disgust that I never saw Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin live.
  15. aye same here would have loved to have seen Led Zepplin, they was a rumour that they were going to tour again but Plant wont budge, the old git

    Lynyrd Skynyrd upstaging the Rolling Stones was not there obviously but i dont think so !!!!!!!!!!!!