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Ok here goes
On the 7th of Sept I am holding a charity event for Ssafa at a pub in Houghton Regis Bedfordshire, website, I have approached about 20 bands so far and have only managed to book one which is the Pistols a very good sex Pistols cover band, I have seen them and they are good.
I need a couple of more bands to make this work, I am still waiting to hear from some including Bruce foxton and his from the Jam band. But I have been let down, politely, by quite a few so far.
A friendly Arrse member has given me some phone numbers to call but after looking on the websites of the bands, most are doing gigs already.
If anyone knows of any bands that would be willing to play I would be very grateful to hear from them.
I'm also looking for anyone interested in doing some security on the night, ie making sure the collection buckets don't go walkies and stopping any chavs throwing beer at the bands,
ok the beer bit was a joke but it would be nice to have some guys who would work the doors.
The landlord has said if it works then he will hold further events for other forces charities ie H4H
Well that's my plea for help sorted out so if you can help or know someone who can then please give me a shout.
Also for those of you who can make it on the day please do so.. it should be a good crack.
If there are any Arrse members who have some talent and wouldn't mind having a go, pm me.
Thanks in advance I hope

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