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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by angular, May 29, 2013.

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  1. We've had Band of Brothers (US paras winning the war) and Band of Brothers and Sisters (AKA Unsere Muetter, unsure Vaeter). Now it's time for a British perspective.

    Which unit would you select to follow throughout the Second World War, from start to finish? I thought that a unit from the 7th Armoured Division might fit the bill, but don't know/haven't researched enough to name one. Any suggestions?
  2. Bands of Rubber-Combat Clerking with The AGC
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  3. Bomber Command? Fighter Command? the Royal Navy? lets be honest they did more than the Army really.
  4. The Airborne, 1st & 6th.

    But, it ain't gonna happen. No market for it.
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  5. 3 RTR, of course.
  6. Walmington-on-sea home guard...
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  7. The Hampshire Regiment - went all over the place and fought in almost every theatre in which British troops were engaged.

    But as mentioned above - no money to be had for such a project.
  8. I would love to see a proper film about Bomber Command that took adavntage of modern CGI. A film about a British Infantry unit (regular or TA) as it evolved and it's membership changed throughout WW2 from the retreat to Dunkirk to the war in Libya to Italy/France would be good too. But neither of them will happen because it needs US money. My big fear is that "The Dambusters" remake, if it ever happens, will end up as "Memphis Belle 2".

    One that there probably would be an appetite for would be a film about a black American Infantry Bn. If you watch WW2 war films it never ceases to amaze me how white the casts always are due to the US segregation policy of the time. The land of the free makiing a big thing about fighting oppression and a racist, fascist regime all with a clear racial attitude of their own and white officers leading black soldiers........

    Yes I do see the irony in the British Indian Army, Gurkhas etc too.
  9. The 38 (Irish) Brigade
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Jumped into action. Took loads of casualties. Hung around for a few weeks. Went home.

    Not much to write about!!! =D
  11. Army Catering Corps 'The One Sausage Wonders'. Follow Capt James 'Jumbo' McManus and his Field Kitchen warriors as they prepare beef stew, lamb stew, chicken stew and mystery meat stew.

    Episode One. 1939. McManus and Sgt 'Taff' Taff tour the restaurants, cafes and greasy spoons of wartime Britain recruiting the finest chefs, sous chefs and somelliers to man the Top Secret Culinary Rapid Advance Parachutists (CRAP) Platoon.

    Episode Two. 1940. Cpl M.P. White is Court Martialled for abandoning the MK1 KFS at Dunkirk. It transpires that, in fact, he used the eating irons to disrupt the line of march of the 115th Panzer Grenadier Battalion, thereby allowing the Mess Silver to be evacuated. He is awarded a VC.

    Episode Three. 1941. North Africa. 'Jumbo' McManus, Taff, White and new recruit Pvt J. Oliver infiltrate the Afrika Corps HQ and snaffle OberFeldweblel Heinrich Gruber's award winning bratwurst recipe in an attempt to demoralise the filthy Hun. Total success ensures the lads get back to Cairo for tea and medals.

    Episode Four. 1942. The Yanks are coming. With the arrival of US Troops in the UK, McManus has to deal with a devastating new threat. SPAM!

    Episode Five. 1943. McManus and his men are seconded to the Royal Navy to feed the brave lads on the Atlantic Convoys. A young rating on HMS Thunderbox, played by Richard Attenborough, panics during a U-Boat attack and throws the plum duff overboard. The heavy suet based desert sinks a Nazi Sub and the young matelot is promoted to Rear Admiral and goes on to sink the Bismark, Scharnhorst and QEII.

    Episode Six. 1944. D-Day. The lads all get 2 weeks leave on 5th June and are chuffed to ****.

    Episode Seven. 1945. Endgame. McManus and his men storm the Reichstag in an attempt to capture SS Sturmbannfuhrer Otto Strudel, Hitler's personal chef. Culinary Intel specialist L/Cpl R Stein has learned he is trying to escape the ruins of Berlin with the Fuhrer's Bain Marie in the hopes of setting up a catering business in Buenos Aires.
    Success in foiling the creation of the Fourth Reich means that Jumbo, Taff, White, Oliver and Stein can get an ill fitting suit, trilby and cardboard suitcase and **** off to White City to discuss lucrative TV shows.
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  12. Genius
  13. Well the Germans managed to do a pretty decent mini series earlier this year and no US cash to be seen.

    It could be done by a UK company or group but not sure that the post-empire guilt trippng medjaluvies would be all that interested.
  14. old_fat_and_hairy

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  15. That is absolute genius.
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