Band of Brothers

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. I know of two people that have not seen it. (OK I have the box set). Its ace, I have trashed my ankle so I have to lie in bed all day watching it, or Shameless.

    Lootenant Winters, although a gwar, would get some Slug love.
  2. i have never seen it either.
  3. Got the video package off my daughter about 2 years ago as a pressie. Now got it on DVD.
    Seen it about 6 times. Top production - never get bored with it.
  4. I reckon he'd refuse. Unless he was suddenly blinded, crippled, lost his sense of smell and touch and was gagged so that he couldn't shout for help.

    Funnily enough, I also have the box (mess tin) set and I only watched episode 1 (Curraghee) again two nights ago and was considering wacthing episode 2 today before logging in here. Spooky.
  5. Its very simple, not spooky at all.
    Slug has bugged your gaff with cctv, audio, the whole 9 yards. Be afraid, be very, very afraid!
  6. Been meaning to watch it as well, along with Lost.
  7. Strange that they chose an Englishman to play Winters?
  8. Stranger that they chose a Gwar.
  9. I have just finished watching the whole series again myself as well.

    Excellent series, but one thing has always gripped me about it. I don't want to detract at all from anything the series or from the members of Easy of the 506th. But, with all the British cast members, funding and support it received from the BBC - why the bloody hell can't the Beeb have done something about a BRITISH infantry company?

    If they were going to go with the Airborne theme - why not C Company, 2 PARA, who were commanded by John Frost of Arnhem fame. Starting off with formation - the Bruneval Raid, through to Arnhem and beyond.

    Not sure who would be suitable to play John Frost though.
  10. great boxset, DVD only about 20 quid now so no-on ehas an excuse not to watch it!!!!
    Yeah i agree Hitlerwasabitnaughty would be geat to see the story of British soldiers, rather than the usual americans constantly :)
  11. If memory serves, the actors were picked for their physical resemblance to the original members of Easy Company, and the series was based on the book by Ambrose about that very company. Which is why the other Allies don't figure so much in it.

    But I agree that there's certainly a story (or two) on British Arborne and what it did. It just wouldn't interest the Septics, that's all.

  12. He's not a Gwar - he's just a good actor.

    I saw him playing a Scots ossifer in something else and he was a right hard nut.
  13. Wasn't talking about whether it would interest the Septics or not Bugsy. :)

    The Beeb make primarily for a BRITISH audience, remember? Who said anything about making it for US consumption?
  14. The original was shown to a theatre full of D-Day vets in the UK. The main complaint was Yanks slagging Monty/British Army about Caen so the old boys pointed out that they were actually fighting two Panzer Div's enabling the Sep's to break out. Fair play to Speilberg who then dropped the offending scenes.
  15. If they want to dramatise another aStephen Ambrose book then why not Pegasus Bridge !?!

    Story goes is Ambrose wanted to write a book about the first troops into Normandy believing they would be American, to his suprise the story of D Coy Oxs & Bucks was told to him and he was hooked

    This film was been in the pipeline for years