Band Of Brothers Uk?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Blackcat, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. Been off work the last two days with the lurgy so decided to use the the time to watch a few dvds anyhow got round to watching my Band of Brothers boxset, when I got to thinking,As a large portion of the actors are Brits and much of the filming was done at Leavesden, how comes we can't do something similar from a British perspective, are there no British unit historys that have been written in a similar vain as Ambrose's book.
    If you were to select a British unit to base a tv mini series on who would you choose?. I'm sure there are plenty of units that served from D-Day, right the way through the likes of the bocage,the liberation of Brussels, the Reichswald Forest, the liberation of Belsen etc, that have just as an interesting tale to tell.
  2. Ambrose did write about Pegasus Bridge, (D Company 2nd Ox and Bucks LI) which would I think would make as cracking a series as Band Of Brothers did.

    There are plenty of good books out there which would transfer over to TV well. But, maybe a series on 2 Para, all through WW2, including obviously Op Market Garden, would be a good one. Or even better how about a series on Alastair Pearson, one of the most decorated soldiers of the war?

    Alastair Pearson
  3. I would choose NAAFI :wink:
  4. Ambrose also wrote about the Oxf and Bucks assault on Pegasus Bridge. It would make a great new film but not suree about a mini-series. How about one of the British units involved in the breakthrough of the bocage after D-day including 43 Div's fight for Hill 112. Something along the lines of Sydney Jary's 18 Platoon could be an inspiration.
  5. Yes great idea, although the important roles will have to be played by Americans or it won't sell on the other side of the pond. Remember Keith Mallory in the Guns of Navaronne. David Niven who was a real SF soldier had to play a minor role.
  6. I'm sure there could be an excellent series done on the Brits, remember they were fighting on mainland Europe for years before the Americans joined in with the D-Day Landings, many Units will have fought from the start through to Dunkirk and then back with the D-Day Assaults and on through Europe! what about a series of either the forming of the Paras or Commando's up at Spean Bridge and on through their own WWII Epic journeys?! the Commando one would be brilliant as it could start at the beginning where the potential recruits came off the train in Scotland and then told they had to get to the camp on foot with all their kit in 60 minutes... the camp was 7 Miles away!!! if they didn't make it they didn't even start the training!!! a potential out doer of Band of Brothers anyday! or the Para's going through the original P-Company, whatever it was back then combined with the extremely hazardous beginnings of Military Parachuting...
  7. Or 50 (Tyne Tees) Div which includes North Africa, Italy and was a assult Div on D Day (inc Stan Hollis VC). Don't know of any books about it thou
  8. Funny you should say that, a world war but only the Americans are in it !
    It's all about sales of books and Hollywood.
    Real world events, not without America !
  9. Why not 18 Platoon by Syndey Jary? Seems to meet the requirement.
  10. Pegasus Bridge was a good read and would make a cracking film/mini series,I know Pegasus Bridge was only touched on in The Longest Day and in a typical hollywood fashion, ( I asked John Howard when I met him in the ninetys about the 'up the ox's and bucks' scene, he was very diplomatic about it :D )
    However I would like to see something previously uncovered by the movies and documentarys, yet following a similar criteria as Band of Brothers enlistment/training, first engagement etc etc. With input from the veterans involved.
  11. 307

    307 War Hero

    If we want the same skecth as Band of Brothers we had better hurry up and make it...sadly, time marches on relentlessly and the vets are dwindling.
  12. How about a platoon of National Service lads. Starting during the Malayan Campaign and finishing during the early part of the Korean War. Is there likely to have been a unit which spanned that period in both theatres. You could have new recruits rotating through and finishing their enlistment being replaced by new blood. The NCO's and Officers remaining the same to demonstrate continuity.
  13. I like the idea of moving away from Europe, as Band of Brotheres has kind of 'been there, done that' as far as the Septics are concerned. How about North Africa? A kind of 'Ice Cold in Alex' mini-series?
  14. Hmmm yeah like that idea or how about an adaptation of George Mcdonald Fraser's Quartered Safe Out here, or something similar to do with 14th Army.
  15. Anything adapted from Fraser would probably be really good. A good Sharpe-esque series of Flashman would be good. Of course, we can let the Septics have Band of Brothers, because we will always have Richard Sharpe.