Band of Brothers, 101st ABN hero dies

Another of the greatest generation passes away. RIP.
From my research the depiction of Speirs in Band of Brothers was accurate - what a leader. Remember what he did on Foy?

In one episode his character made a comment along the lines that you can't function as a proper soldier until you reconcile yourself to the inevitability of your own death. Subsequent experiences have confirmed the wisdom of this view.

May he rest in peace.
RIP you deserve to, time to watch Band of Brothers again I feel
boelynbulldog said:
RIP you deserve to, time to watch Band of Brothers again I feel
Indeed we owe them so much. RIP.

Coincidentally Virgin have Ep 1 BOB on their teleport service. I took advantage and watched it this afternoon.

I wonder if some light will now be shed on the 'allegations'??
Trip_Wire said:
Sadly LTC. Ronald Speirs has passed on.

During his military career he served as.:

506th Parachute Infantry Regiment WWII, Longest and last serving Commanding Officer of E Co. 506th PIR WWII

Korea, combat jump, Rifle Company CO

Liaison officer to the Red Army, Potsdam, East Germany

Governor of Spandau Prison, Berlin


Stephen Ambrose relates in his book the Band of Brothers,

“Speirs son Robert was born in England during the war, he is a Major in the Green Jackets, and is his pride and joy“!
Speirs was one hell of a combat officer!

Another hero of the past retires to the bosom of his maker, RIP and sleep easy!


"Rest in Peace" hardly seems sufficient for one such as he. As it happens, I watched the Band of Brothers episode this evening which included the attack on Foy. What an example of leadership.

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