Band Name

A few of us ex mil types are putting a little band together for our company chrimbo bash, and we need a name.. the name must fulfil certain criteria..

1. Must be Rude euphamism for a sexual act or a slang name for genitalia.

2. Civvy women mustn't understand it.

3. Civvy blokes must get it, a gentle prompt is acceptable if necessary.

4. Short in length, must fit on the front of a drumkit.

Any offers boys n girls??

The Tromboners
Cackpipe cosmonauts?

Rear gunners?

The Busters?
Combat Lads In Tune

For those not on the uptake - this can be abrieviated to CLIT
How about
'The we want to shaag every woman in the audience tonight please'
May not fit on a drum kit but they'll get what you're after.


The jobby robbers!, Clam Jousters Muffy and the boner slayers
The Purpleheads!!
Thomas and his tanks

Two's up

Blue Vein Havanna

Smokless pipe

Beef Curtains

The Flying tadpoles

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