Band Aid 2: Celebrities and "Charidee"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Vegetius, May 31, 2005.

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  1. Bob Geldof is going to announce Band Aid 2. Except it's called "Live 8" this time.

    "Sir" Bob said "There is more than a chance that the boys and girls with guitars finally get to tilt the world on its axis." Excuse me whilst I vomit heavily. I suspect that they'd be able to relieve third world debt if they spent as much on, say, Rwanda, as they will on Bollinger and Columbian marching powder on July 8th.

    What is it with these people? There must be something about celebrities and charity: I suppose when you spend your entire life in the back of a limo with paid flunkies telling you how wonderful you are then you probably honestly think you can save the world. Now, as it happens, I don't think Geldof is a bad person. Just deluded with poor judgement and a sanctimonious streak.

    Chris Martin, OTOH, really grips my shite. The Coldplay singer (of course, married to a millionaire spam actress) was asked what was the greatest evil in the world...his reply? "Shareholders." Cnut. This is a man with more dosh than most of us could imagine and he's calling me and the missus evil for having a few grands worth of shares?

    A good friend of mine works in Africa. He is an old-school businessman who deals in commodities. He has spent many hours lecturing me on the evils of the "Aid Industry" (basically, if the African countries did sort their problems out there'd be no jobs for lots of white Dutch/ Scandie/ Euro liberals with no hope of getting a decent job at home). You can't "solve" Africa with good intentions, mainly because you couldn't replace every single corrput government in the region without a fair amount of firepower.

    Did you know that Somalia, for example, exports sugar? I fell over when I learnt that these countries have abundant natural assets that are traded for the select few, by the select few whilst the majority go without.

    Why don't Chris Martin and Bob Geldof campaign for full-blooded neocon regime change in Africa rather than funding more gold-plated limos and palaces for the dictators who run the continent? Preferably with them and their vile "celeb" buddies on the start line.

    Rant over, Veg out.

  2. Veg, you have hit the nail squarely on the head. Here is a tw@t like Geldof who thinks he can save the poor benighted heathen millions when he couldn't even sort out his junkie slapper of an ex-wife. Looks like the warlords will get an increase in their arms budget so a few over-indulged champagne -socialists can get that warm gooey feeling inside. Is it not funny how a load of drugs and a twenty year old hit single can make you a better human being.
  3. I don't give anything to any charity that helps the thirld world in any way, they've had enough it's time for them to sort it out.
  4. Memory says that after the first Band Aid, Bob kept the money in the bank for years while he decided the best possible use for it.
    Ammazing what you can get for keeping money in sumones bank, like a Sir.
  5. As a rule, I don't donate to them. I'm a bit fed up with St Bob and his 'give us yer money' routine, followed up by Midge and Sting with thier played out 'Well Bob phoned and he said he wanted.......' routines. I'm sick to death of the 'lets feed the world/tsunami' bandwagons.

    I'd rather give my money to a British Home Charity. Something which British people will benefit from, particularly those British people who have got off their arrses and done something for Britain................The Army Benevolent Fund for instance or St Dunstans. I don't want to give my hard earned readies to some corrupt government or charity operating on thier behalf. or people who are so adjusted to hand outs that they won't get off thier arrses and work.

    It's time for a change. Time that charity did begin at home for a change. So Bob.........what's about the 'Lifeboats'? This might be a novel concept I know, but you could round up all your old 80's pals and sing sea shanties at Wembley or what about the 'Guide Dogs for the Blind'? Instead of listening to that 'tired' old comic Lennie Hendry telling us all to wear red noses.............we could wear really dark sunglasses and train our dogs to answer the phone.

    Apparantly the 'Spice Girls' will be having a reunion this time round. That alone is reason enough for me to keep my money in my pockets.

    If that alone isn't a blatant exploitation of the event, then I don't know what is.
  6. Quite agree with our learned friend Biscuits_AB

    What I find odd is that Mr Geldof in 1984 was potless and on the verge of filing for bankruptcy.... next year he featured, all be it quite low down on the rich list.

    How did that happen?

    Sting is just a big wet cnut.... singing and campaigning about the rain forrest, what about the Graffiti and vandalism to Beacon Fell and Brock botttom (small forrested areas near where I live) the parkie there could do with a boost.

    If the foreign governments want a handout from Britain we can fill a few Globemasters with an Illegal Immigrant and Assylum seekers work party who will work for food and sex
  7. Geldof's a twat. These whinging b*stards have got more money than soft Mick, why don't they sell their 200 room mansions and give all the money to Africa, then go over there, live in a mud hut (as opposed to flying in for a day from a 5* hotel) and work with them?
  8. What annoys me is that we, as a country have been pouring money into Africa for years, i can remember sending money for famine relief in the 70's then we got St Bob and his buddies banging out a tune and calling for us all to give up out heard earned cash, and yet it appears to me that they are no futher down the line of helping the poor.
    I stopped supporting these type of bleeding heart charities and now give to UK based, after all charity does begin at home.
    I also wonder how much these stars, Geldoff, Sting, Bono et al would raise if they all decided to donate just 1% of their wealth, i have to stop now as i can feel my blood beginning to boil. :evil:
  9. At the original event two decades ago it was possible for Phil Collins to appear at both the London & New York events.

    Nobody will be pulling that stunt this time.
  10. So we now have Live 8, and then there is the G8 trying to cancel African debt and double aid to this troubled continent :?

    I would like to see how much money has been poured into Africa over the decades and how much has gone to those that really need it and not some tin-pot dictators Swiss bank account or to build his already rather large military.

    Thanks to the champagne socialists here in the UK, who like to waste our money on such frivalous areas, these trends will continue.

    I wholeheartedly agree with everybody here, what about our home charities, why not give to them? Now that isn't PC enough for these socialist gits :evil: is it :roll:
  11. Personally, i would be most delighted if the G8 did listen to the campaigners and did drop the debt. £85 Billion is a lot of money for africa, whereas it's chickenscraps for the west/G8.

    Once that was done, donate no more money, lend no more money and in general just leave them to it. See what it's like to live of your own work for a while!

    Of course, that could be seen to be giving in to the softy aid workers, but im sure as sh1t that they would bump their gums about it if we did, because that would be the buggers out of a job.

    As stalin said " Who stands to benefit?" (in this case, the aidworkers and agencies who recieve billions in charity)

  12. Someone switch the coffee for decaff ? Third world governments are
    corrupt and badly managed some charties are ineffective ,But,Completely
    innocent people are suffering and dying and a lot of charites do effective
    work in helping them . Geldof is a git but he wouldnt raise the pounds if
    he was quiet.
    lets give that tit from coldplay a choice one room bunch of shareholders .2nd room bunch of iraq insurgeants with a big knife and a
    video camera .And let him work out which is more evil .Would like to see how much they donate .
  13. Agent-Smith said:
    I don't have a problem with retiring 3rd world debt as long as it comes with conditions on political and social change. OK I can hear you left wing pinko tree-hugger shuffling out of your chairs complaining about interferring in a soverign states affairs. But why not use the write-off of debt as an incentive.

    If not then the fraudulent little barstewards will just borrow more money.
  14. Bring back the empire - overall, was the world not a better place?.
  15. There is a (possibly not that far fetched) school of thought/conspiracy that espouses that that is exactly what is happening through the G8's proposed measures.