Ban this filth!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by parapauk, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. So he hasn't seen it, yet he's saying it's filth.

    Sounds interesting anyway.
    Looks like a night on the sofa with a box of kleenex for me then, when it comes out on DVD.
  2. She carves her own cl*t off at the end. Honest.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Pure, unadulterated filth. Should be banned!!!

    Now, that Sascha Baron Cohen on the other hand, ooooh, funny, funny, funny the way he sends up all those homosexuals!

    That's the gist of this bloke's review anyhow.
  4. Danish 'high class' porn, then? Smut dressed up as art?

    Damn!.. when does it come out on DVD? assuming it is really explicit in the US Porno industry way of showing all the little' ins and outs' as they say..

    Anyone seen it yet?

    need a review before requesting it at the back alley Adult Film Emporium..

  5. There might be a film coming out in about ten years and I just feel that all right-minded people should be aware that this film may be complete and utter immoral filth. I don't the plotline, who is writing it or who is directing it, but your children may see it on DVD one day.

    Can I have a job (and the salary) of a film critic now please?
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    The Daily Mail loves all this sh1t. Secretly the reviewer is attacking his c0ck with a cheese grater, he's so turned on by how 'outrageous' it is...
  7. The film company must be delighted.They could not buy publicity like this.
  8. It's the old adage, "those who can, do, those who can't become critics" - I doubt Lars von Trier has even heard of the Daily Mail let alone the complete nonentity who wrote this so-called review. As already mentioned - there could be no better publicity for the film
  9. Sound like a cheap rip-off of " Don't look now" same sort of outrage when that came out and it became a classic horror film. I'm still scared of short people in bright red coats in Venice
  10. So, the difference between SM porn and this 'arty' movie is, what, exactly? Just because this is done by someone like Von Trier and is released into cinema's and porn isn't there is suddenly a large uproar about it. You can buy (and rent) 'harder' stuff everywhere.
    It seems the people getting a fit about this are highly sanctimonious.
  11. Is the outrage because this film has pretensions of being ' better' than its hardcore porno counterparts?.. They, at least, don't pretend to be anything other than w@nk assistance..This purports to be ' art'!.. although, from the critics description, it does seem to have a plot, which most porn flicks don't [ sadly] these days.. used to be they made an attempt - pizza boy/bored housewife.. but, today... snippets of hard action right off the start to satisfy the twitter generation wanting instant downloads to their blackberry's and cellphones..

    Don't think any of those, 'want it now' in bits and bytes, types would be able to sit through a 'feature length' 'artfilm no matter how much boobs and butts were on display... two hours of watching?.. hell, they'd be twittering and cramping up thumbs texting and humming to their iPods and MP3's or whatever and missing the plot..
  12. I posted a comment on the site suggesting that the critic in question could not really comment on a film that he had not seen and suggesting that he was lazy. Oddly, the 'moderators' of the site have chosen not to publish it!
  13. Actually the critic may have a point, apparently it stars MDN and Five Alpha.
  14. Quite right too, blessed are the film critics.