Ban the Burkhas

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mortars2cg, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. The French Goverment are brining in laws to ban and fine women who wear burkhas in public.
    I`m not a very religous man but I find these sort of laws disturbing.
    Are they going to ban nuns from wearing their habits aswell.
    your views, please.
  2. Stupid really, why not leave them on tables so everyone can have a brew. Very selfish to walk around with em on your head
  3. I'm surprised GB hasn't brought it in here as a tax-raising ploy. If it's effective, he could move on to shoes, underwear, .... until he finally has the shirt off our backs.
  4. my old QM used to have three of the buggers. He would never sign them out, Health and safety issues about boiling water or some such nonsense??
  5. Imagine the fuss when Ali realises some bloke will be looking at a stripped and 'naked' Fatima at the airport! That should run and run.

    For my part I feel a tad sorry for the bloke having to look at the fat sacks.
  6. Even funnier when the first bloke dressed as a bird gets caught
  7. Keep in mind that in France, whenever there is a tricky issue, the Gvt either votes a law (without wondering how it will be enforced) or create a commission IOT study the issue "in depth" and for as long as necessary for people to forget about it....

    In the Seine Saint-Denis area, North of Paris, burkhas are used and visible, as well as immigrants or converts sporting the salafist uniform of tracksuit trousers tucked into socks, shaven heads and long beard.
    I'll wait and see what is done with those people before rejoicing....especially since the Socialist Party (Labour in France) has said yesterday that it was against a law banning burkhas... (In French)
  8. Why ban it? IF the woman wants to wear it, crack on.

    Obviously there should be points where it is enforced that the burkha is removed... ie for ID purposes.
  9. I do hope the feminists are up in arms against this. Consider, in a burkha all women look the same, they can only be judged on their intellect and (muffled) personality, so that would see the vile page three/supermodel culture destroyed overnight. Cheryl Cole judged purely on her talent?

    Don't do it France, make every woman wear a sack, let them rise to the top on ability alone, Germaine Greer will be proud of you!
  10. depends if its a "dirty habit" :)
  11. Does that mean policeman can say stuff like

    You Nun, drop the bad habit??
  12. I am unsure. Wearing them should be down to their own choice in general but they should get no special dispensation in areas that it is required to show your face. It should be choose to remove it or choose to not enter in those places. No applying the law differently due to religious beliefs.

    On a personal level, I am never going to feel comfortable in the presence of a person hiding their face.

  13. If you have to ask that question, you wouldn't understand the answer.
  14. I'm a little bit unsure about this point. What if the women only 'want' to wear it because they've been indoctrinated so that they believe that to not wear it will be a sin. If this is the case, then the wearing of burkhas is a symptom of emotional abuse. I know that most the few Muslim women I know who have even worn headscarves have held extreme religious views (most notably, one of my Arabic teachers). This includes feeling that they are inferior to men and should have their husbands make their decisions for them. Personally, I would view any parent teaching their daughter this as abusive.