Ban smoking in all vehicles, doctors demand

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by theprior, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. I'm not one for the Outrage Bus, but it seems to me to be a sad state of affairs when we can't be trusted to make decisions on our own. When are we going to realise that banning things doesn't always help?

    I can understand council/company vehicles having a no-smoking policy, but it strikes me that banning in-car smoking is an unacceptable invasion of privacy, and a pretty blunt way of saying "we don't trust you to live without supervision."
  2. Even that doesnt work, its bad enough that theyve banned us smoking in enclosed public spaces, which i can understand, but in your own car. It annoys me that people walking down the street get arsey because your smoking and they are walking through it. LEAVE US ALONE YOU FCUKERS
  3. Quote.
    'I can understand council/company vehicles having a no-smoking policy,'

    Beg to differ council vehicles like their staff don't go fast enough to smoke :D
  4. I would love to see that passed through the Court of Human Rights.
    I have got used to not smoking in pubs, restaurants etc but still cant get my head around banning smoking from open spaces. Only idiots would smoke near kids anyway. The non smokers have had their way with smoking indoors now leave us alone.
  5. Aye and banning people from using mobiles in cars worked well didn't it?
  6. Well, the ban should be on all vehicles that carry a second person or more and any at all that carry children. My mother and father used to smoke in the car and the house until I was old enough and big enough to be a worry to them and could explain that I didn't like the smell, full stop; especially when eating and they lighted-up and that it was unhealthy. They didn;t stop smoking completely but at least minimised it until I left and joined up. Then when I was on leave they would go outside to do it.

    It really is the most useless habit; at least alcohol gets you pissed and makes you (seem) funny!!
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Brilliant I think its a great idea, but purlely from a selfish perspective. I gave up smoking 7 months ago and the Mrs didn't and it drives me up the fcuking wall. Every day its like the first day of giving up all over again. Right now I could murder someone for a smoke!!!!!!!! Now if they can just make smoking in the same house as me illegal ill be right ta very much.
  8. What about a vehicle that has 2 smokers in it? Does this mean one of them has to get out for a smoke but the other one can stay in, do they have to take it in turns getting out.

    Motorcyclists allowed to light up if only oneup at the time?

    "For the sake of the children" is just one of the inscriptions on the paving stones.
  9. With respect, while I dislike parents smoking around their children, there is much greater awareness of what cigarette smoke does, and I would have thought fewer people smoking around their children. In the end, where do we draw the line between public and private?
  10. Hate cigs and would say ban it in taxis, which is fair, but the rest is simply intrusive.
  11. you ban it where kids are as they cannot stadn up for themselves, and believe me, I have seen plenty of Fag-ash Lils driving around the patch windows closed puffing on a cancer stick with two babies in the car.

    Ref what if both people in the car smoke, if it is a work vehicle, the same as wih MT vehicels, it is considered a plae of work and therefore subject to ehe smoking ban.

    As for smoking on motorbikes, the phrase, ' as much use as an ashtry on a motorbike' springs to mind!!

  12. The Doctors can go fook themselves.
    If I chose to smoke in my owncar then its nobody else's business. End of.
  13. Lets get this right, you are whineing that your dad smoked in HIS car. Did you ever ask him to stop the car so that you could get out and do some healthy walking? Or did you just demand a free taxi service and still complain that life wasn't perfect?
    When you go on leave your parents have to leave their own house to smoke. Why don't you spend your leave somewhere else you jack tw@t.
  14. This will spilt the smokers and non-smokers, however because it is to save the 'ickle kiddies will get popular support. I can see this ban coming into force. No great hardship in the scheme of things.
    Smoking in pubs wasn't that bad to be fair, some of the best conversations i've had have been outside in the smoking area and I say this as a social smoker.
  15. My Grandad could roll cigarette's one handed whilst driving, I agree this was an art form however looking in hindsight wasn't the safest thing to be doing whilst kids were in the car.