Ban pointy things !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cutaway, May 27, 2005.

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  1. Yes, barking.

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  2. Sort of, they are more than slightly hoplophobic.

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  3. No, this is the best idea for a new law since...

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    My apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, I've had a bit of a squint and couldn't see it.

    Has the nanny state just taken yet another step towards the padded cell, or do we really need this legislation ?

  2. I'd say this was in the padded cell and buttoning its coat up the back. What constitutes "long", anyway?

    Though I'm wondering how genuine this is...nope, it's genuine, just found the article on the BMJ's site at

    Edit: Oh yes, apparently sharp points are bad as well. Someone's never tried to carve a roast, it seems...
  3. 5000 grannies are being canvased over a 6 month period with the top one hundred
    "you'll have someones eye out with that"
    objects being fazed out over the next 12 months with a further 3 month amnesty for any discarded cucumber sandwiches or rolled up socks that missed the first round of culls. :lol:
  4. Speed cameras to police running with scissors. :?:
  5. Bury 'em deep I suppose :roll:
    Or find one of the loonies that came up with the notion and stab him.
  6. This attitude reminds me of that 'witch' scene at the beginning of Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail - "she's a WITCH - BURN 'ER" / "it might be dangerous - BAN IT" see?
  7. Which long pointy knives are they talking about. Any chef will explain to you the different knife shapes for different tasks. Perhaps they asked the chefs from the local veggie restaurant.
  8. I believe there is a point at wich a righteous person needs to say "no, sorry, your law is wrong and I will not observe it" not actually sure if I'd be that motivated over knives (although I've got a few choice examples of cutlery that I'd not be keen on giving up). The ID card issue is one over which I'd be prepared to go to jail or emigrate.

    I can think of few, if any reasons to stay in the UK aside from the rather lame "familiarity" thing and an increasingly misplaced love of country.
  9. It is becoming laughable now, how long before hammers and screwdrivers are banned as they can/have been used in assaults :roll:

    What about knitting needles, them next :?

    Where is it going to stop :roll:
  10. Next on the list is the banning of water and other liquids that may be used to drown someone. This will be closely followed by the removal of 'anything small' that may be a choking hazard.
  11. There was a woman on telly this morning from one of the (prepare for UnPC term) "battered women's societys" who asked about screw drivers, knitting needles and "items of furniture" which she reckoned were as, if not more, dangerous.
  12. Thanks for confirming my thoughts B_B
  13. If you purchase sterile/chemically pure water for scientific/medical purposes it will come accompanied with a "SAFETY DATA SHEET"
  14. Actually Dui-Lai, she came over as being, if not actually opposed to any ban being unconvinced of utility to it.
  15. What is so wrong with the ID card issue???

    I'm setting up a new thread to discuss this issue as it really grates me!!!