Ban petrol and diesel cars - Lib Dems find new way to destroy their credibility

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FORMER_FYRDMAN, Aug 6, 2013.

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Personally I'd have thought that Nick and his chums would have quite enjoyed their rare period in office so this might be an awkward reminder of the fruit cakes who make up their core support and the futility of pursuing an electoral strategy based on vegetarians, jam-makers and real-alers.

    Lib Dems: ban petrol and diesel cars from UK roads by 2040 - Telegraph

    I will happily vote for any party which promises to focus on restoring the economy through the systematic slaughtering of the eco-lobby's sacred cows.
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  2. There's nothing wrong with real ale, beats that piss water Carling any day!!
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  3. Does that include the destruction of wind turbines, please say yes.
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  4. Lib Dems will be extinct by 2020
  5. Please let it be sooner! Sadly the Clegmeister General will be safely sorted with a job in Europe, and Vince will be on the lecture trail.
  6. The Lib Dems have really become the Monster Raving Loony Party
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Where is the energy baseload coming from to power this wonder fleet and have they any concept of the environmental impact of extracting the necessary rare earths? As for shale gas - I'm a huge fan but even I don't think it can be part of a zero carbon energy strategy. Why do these people not even attempt to educate themselves slightly before gobbing off?
  8. Tedious no mark politician says something controversial.

    Dogs bark.


    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Politician doesn't say anything at all - it is a proposal to be put to the Lib Dem conference and could become the official policy of one of the UK's governing parties if adopted - a rather alarming indicator of how out of touch a section of government is and an indicator of the degree of folly and cost our political class is prepared to contemplate in order to secure a constituency like the environmentalists.
  10. If adopted sounds like a real vote winning policy to me ... for all parties other than the Lib Dem's .
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  11. I wouldn't be booking tickets for the Lib Dem conference in 2015 if I were you, conference could be held inside a pub with the 4 other sandal wearing bearded wonders (only 3 if that corpulent tw@ Whet returns to the fold)
  12. What a gang of raving nutters these idiots are? And to think they hold the balance of power in the present Government and hope to do the same if a future Labour government gets the most votes. It seems morally wrong for a group (I can't dignify them by calling them a party) who hardly anyone votes for, should be able to have cabinet ministers appointed in government.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Which is exactly the issue if the next election goes the way of the last one and this becomes a bargaining chip.
  14. Current Affairs is no place for such a ridiculous thread title.....Libdems and credibility indeed. Tch!
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  15. It has some merit in that a mobile carbon recovery plant to bolt to our car engines isn't likely to be practical. However, it's trying to regulate today's solutions to fix tomorrow's problems. What they should do is specify the problem with some boundaries, so industry can offer us a range of solutions to pick the best from: specify a co2 limit per passenger mile with some realistic methods for measuring it in its entirety.

    We got in this mess by bringing carbon compounds up from underground, that the natural carbon cycle had tucked away over millions of years, and pumping them back into the atmosphere. It's just a hunch, but maybe the best solution is to put them back underground using similar methods to that cycle.

    Better still identify the real problem, you can't move people without using energy. We pollute more than the Victorians managed, with coal fired steam engines, because we travel far further. It would be more productive to use technology to cut the number of journeys made.