Ban on smoking in public places



A New York bouncer was murdered on Sunday after trying to enforce the city's new ban on smoking in bars.
Dana Blake died of stab wounds after an argument at a Manhattan nightclub when he asked two customers to put out their cigarettes.

Mr Blake's brother said that the sweeping law against smoking would cause more tragedy.

A bill to outlaw smoking in British cafes and restaurants has been voted in for a second reading in Parliament in July.

Any thoughts??


War Hero
I remember on operations that were physically extremely demanding, the only things that we needed were water, ammunition and cigarettes. With these three, infantry soldiers can go on for ever !

Whilst I accept smoking active and passive does harm, I do not support a smoking ban. There are far more serious things that cause deaths like speeding on roads and motorways, starvation and disease in 3rd world countries et al. Just a personal view.


I don't smoke but places with a "No smoking at the Bar" rule, make a pretty dull evening.  You tend to have a designated smoking room (usually the smallest - and furthest from the bar) with everyone in.

You then have a situation where the smokers have to "leave the party" every 10mins ... or the non-smokers are obliged to cram themselves into the smoking-room with their chimneypot-mates making passive smoking more intense.

The fun-police who impose these rules are usually those that don't frequent bars and restaurants.

If it does become law though, I'm going to buy shares in those outdoor gas-heater things...


if smoking was banned everywhere , it should be interesting sight to see desparate people writhing in agony and pain in the middle of the street after being denied a fag