Ban on smoking in public places

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by buggerit, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. Due to this lovely new law coming into effect, we are now going to have to ban smoking in our mess. Doesn't bother me overly as I don't smoke, but how the feck is the army going to survive not being able to smoke in the bar??? Or is no-one else having this problem and are we the only one's with draconian senior staff?
  2. What new law? It's not due to take place for a year or so.
  3. i am not a smoker but i disagreed with not being able to smoke in a pub. Wouldn't be the same would it. However, on visiting Mrs Forn's family in ROI where this is law I changed my mind. Not only can you now breath properly in the pub now and there is no misty haze to see through, I found another distinct advantage. You can now go for a couple of cheeky pints without coming home smelling like smoke and get away with it.
  4. Let us not forget how much smokers plough into the exchequer in the way of ludicrously high duty. It could be argued that they are getting a raw deal from proposed legislation. In a way they are giving a more secure future to those of us who do not smoke. Non smokers are more likely to live to a ripe old age. Smokers are likely to die younger through heart disease which usually means a heart attack. If they survive their first one they are vastly more likely to have another one sometime soon. If that does not get them it will be one of the hundreds of forms of aggressive cancer (lung, oesophagus, stomach, etc). They will get an operation to remove and other therapies to try to clear it up but the 5 year rates for the above carcinomas are, regrettably, poor. The cost of their treatments will pale into insignificance when compared to the cost of continuing residential and nursing home care that is needed by the very old today and in the future. Go into any nursing/residential home and see just how many of the residents are smokers. Not many from my experince. With a 20 a day smoker giving about £4 of his/her money per day to the state, could it not be argued that they are receiving a rough deal by being banned from smoking in pubs?
    Personally, I do not smoke but I am glad that others do as it keeps my already scandalous taxes down. I am also looking forward to going for a quiet drink with my wife and not having to have a shower and change my clothes when I get home because of the smell.
  5. I'm also a non-smoker. But the law will be that smoking is to be banned in 'public' places. The mess, being a private club as you have to be a member or guest to get in, isn't public. Therefore, the members of that club should be able to vote at a meeting to set the 'club policy' on smoking.

    Having said that, the goodie goodies at the top are more likley to impose the 'policy' from above... so tough :wink:
  6. I suspect said goody goodies (probably picked on at school by smokers) will enable bar staff to insist upon a clean air environment and this is how they will get over it. Lets not forget that messes are often the only source of entertainment in certain postings and, for livers in, it is their lounge and socialising area. Frequentees are forced to inhale second hand smoke in these environments or forego pleasures of mess life.
    Personally, I would rather ditch the mess and go down town shagging if I were in their position.
  7. I'm in two minds about this proposed ban:

    On the one hand, bar staff should be protected against smoke simply because it is unpleasant.

    On the other hand, I feel that landlords should be free to set their own smoking policy.

    A much better (IMHO), and less authoritarian way to do this would have been to give landlords tax incentives to go smoke free, like for instance 10% off their booze duty. But of course none of the left-wing authoritatians in power even suggested this, and there is no indication that they even thought of it. There you go - a solution that pleases the landlords, the moderate anti-smoking lobby, the moderate smoking lobby, and the punters. And at no point would the govnment have to wave the ban stick like a petulant Ultimate Force mod (although it, just like the UF mods, really seems to like waving it about a lot...)
  8. This is just the start gents..................

    I'll bet George Orwell is p!ssing himself.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    We had a no smoking bar during my Plod training, what a breath of fresh air (Literally) And you didnt go home stinking to high heaven- well apart from the vomit of course!
  10. You could be forgiven for thinking that a - smoking is illegal and b - it is the most heinous crime in humanity, given the hysteria created on the subject by the anti-smoking lobby.

    There were alternatives to the laws being introduced - they just would not have satisfied the now hugely influential anti-smoking lobby. For example, landlords could have allowed smokers into a smoking room (no bar within) with extractor fans, fire escapes etc.

    But this did not suit TCB et al. Far better to look concerned about Joe Publics health and act in his interests.

    And there-in is the rub. This is just the first of a whole raft of legislation aimed at isolating 'undesirable' habits. The folks who have initiated this will soon find something else lots of people like and want to ban it. I can't think what it is yet, but then, I am not anally retentive and sure that my idea of whatever is the ONLY idea.

    A thought has just occured - cars. It is bound to have something to do with cars. I am also guessing that our eating habits will soon be coming under the legal microscope too. Even that tub of lard who loftily assumes the title of Deputy Primeminister will not be able to prevent that! Enjoy fishing or shooting? You won't be having that for too much longer, now they have banned fox hunitng. You didn't think it would stop there did you? The anti hunt brigade always said they would stop other 'inhumane' hobbies once the fox hunting victory was theirs.

    You folks, these people are the new facists/communists. To be honest, I have long thought that anyone who votes (or even professes to support!) Labour is merely a well heeled communist! And, if you are honest about it, they act very much like communists. They tell you what to and what not to eat, what to do, or not, in your free time. The list goes on. The one constant is that they are always free to break their own rules - as they know best. For example - you must reduce electricity consumption - unless you are me, in which your whole department building can use as much power is it likes, regardless of the time of day. What about cars? We were all told to reduce our car usage. Shortly after this proclamation, it was revealed that Johnny Prescott had 2 Jags and had used one of them to travel a massive 100 yards! No hypocrisy there then! Private education - should be banned. Except the children of Labour govt ministers that is! The list goes on, but I have illustrated my point.

    I guess I'd better explain it now! Okay - get used to all these bans folks. These jokers like nothing more than telling us what to do and how to do it. They enjoy banning things even more. Thank God for Labour, eh?! 8O
  11. Ban it. Ban it now.

    Can't stand the smell. It f*ckin' stinks.

    Oracle (ex smoker of some 20+ years)
  12. No smoking in public places has been in force for about a year now in Norway. ITS FECKING GRRREAT :D . It was brought in just before the summer, and nobody a problem with it. The bars opened up tables on the pavement and not even the smokers minded. Now it is winter and feckin cold. Some bars have put patio heaters outside for the smokers. A few hardened 'roykers' are a bit pished of. but , majority dont care. It makes for a more pleasent boozing atmosphere. If you are not buying cigarettes then buy more beer, the treasury wins either way

  13. Excellent news.

    I don't smoke and can't stand having to inhale other people's smoke. The only other option is for me not to go to the mess bar - why should I have to lose out because of selfish smokers? After all it is a bar, not a smoking room!

    Why can't the smokers either pop outside or smoke in a different room and then return to the bar?
  14. fully agree the same dit occured while i was in Italy the law kicked in on banning smoking in public, eveyone said it would kill the atmosphere in the pubs etc, went out and it was mobbed, more people drinking than normal as they can do so in a clean enviroment,

    Personally I dont mind getting covered in smoke as long as smokers dont mind getting covered in my saliva..
  15. Superb piece Gringo and I must agree with 98% of what you said. The thing with the smoking is that it is a habit that adversly affects the health of those who come into contact with it. If smokers wish to polute themselves with all that crap that is their business and I vigorously defend their right to do so, but that is not as important as my right not to experience their byproduct.

    I am a nurse and I have held the hands of frightened dying men and women while they take their last gasps of breath as lung cancer finishes them off. Every one of those I nursed smoked at some point of their life. I do not want to be one of those people. And for those of you who think that passive smoking will not give you cancer I ask you to look at the late Roy Castle who spent years in smoky clubs playing the trumpet and died of lung cancer having never touched a cigarette.