Ban on Sex for (US) Soldiers in Afghanistan Lifted

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Not sure if this will make changes in what really is happening out there. Probably not.
Bout time the powers that be woke up. The duty rumor on this change to GO#1 is based on the fact that the law doesnt allow anything to infringe on a womans right to have kids. Obvisouly to have children a woman, for the most part, must engage in the act of sexual intercourse (test tubes and turkey basters aside).

I heard from a few sources that the cases involving women who broke the rules of GO#1 (Sexual Encounters) were found not guilty based on the reason listed in the paragraph above.

Let's be honest, telling a man and a woman not to have sex for 12 to 15 months is like asking a human being not to breathe for a day. That said, the soldier in me says an order is an order, and not following orders is detrimental to good order, discipline and the morale of a unit.

I'll quietly sit on the fence regarding this issue.

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