Ban on mobile phones in theatre

Im currently on in a hot place and mobiles are banned because of the threat from "elements at home and over here" fiddling with our phones digerydoos, my question it not the same for internet surely MSN and that sort of thing and even email.

My other more inportant question is does anyone know a site that you can send and recieve texts from without the need for a mobile phone to register or to act as a stepping stone between the texts...does that make any sense?

the dii terminals are all secure i dont about the other internets hat are available
Isn't this something to do with a RAF chappies wife getting a phone call telling Her that said chappie had pegged it?
Sven said:
Isn't this something to do with a RAF chappies wife getting a phone call telling Her that said chappie had pegged it?
It is. MoD used that instance as being a reason for the overall ban. However, no one has actually proved that the source of the phone call had accessed her husband's - or anyone else's - phone or calls. So there was considerable assumption on MoD's part - which was quite convenient to their position of wishing to reduce communication which was/is not controlled by them.


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Flippant point: I thought that mobiles were banned from theatres because they put the actors off. (boom, tish, ayethankyoo)

Actual point. Seems to me that someone is actually trying to enforce the unenforceable (DIN whateveritwas).
for what its worth , when Mrs WW and I telecomunicate the start of the conversation contains a word to confirm all is well and authentic, the same with messages, its a requirement of her employer and works very well. It should be assumed that all communications at "ground level" are insecure.

Sven said:
So it isn't people buying cheap sims out there and compromising persec.
Any evidence/instances of this happening and, particularly, compromising PERSEC? Or are we just dealing with the fear that it might happen?
I remember sending my OH a phone and stuff in a can of baby milk!

It was the summer of 03 and the queues were massive for the phone and we had a sick little boy and one on the way. He was somewhere sandy and had been for nearly 5 mths at that point.

A text a day did us the world of good and nearly made up for the 10 weeks where we never heard a dickybird from him.

However, a lot of the officers just blatantly ignored the whole thing and had brought theirs with them - God I miss the army......

On T7 I recall someone at home getting bad news before th MOD passed it on, shaln't say which regt but it also happened again a couple of months ago, same theatre. Unforgivable.
Also, several blokes who were on T7 and took mobiles had relatives receive calls in Arabic to home numbers they had called.
Beware, it is done for a reason. Great alarm clocks though!

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