Ban on Islam4UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by headgash, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. BBC has just reported Islam4UK is to be banned under the Terrorism Act. Sorry if this has already been done.
  2. More cheap publicity for them.
  3. Yeah, now they'll have to find yet another name for thier group, that'll learn 'em. :roll:
  4. So instead of having them where everyone knows who and where they are, they are now going to drive them underground and add kudos to the organisation amongst young muslims by joining a banned organisation.

    Knee Jerk policy in action.
  5. I've just registered "UK4Islam.con" so they'll have to buy it from me.
  6. Now they're banned, can we just ignore them on this site
  7. Banned does not mean that they will go away.... they will simply change name :roll:
  8. Islam 'R' Us

    Help 4 Zeroes



    Gwar-Converts R Us
  9. More chance of them going away if you just ignore them.

    The more you shout and rant at them the happier they are.

    Banning them will, in a perverse way, make them even more attractive and believable to the hard of thinking.
  10. there's no pleasing you guys
  11. Why ban them? Why not just take their money away?

    Is it not possible to draft a law along the lines of, "Acceptance of State benefits from the UK government implies an acceptance of the basic tenets of British law, including Parliamentary democracy. Any individual who can be demonstrated to be a member of an organisation that intends to overthrow that democracy, may not receive any benefits from the British Government, including health care and education provision. Members of organisations which express a desire to change the policies of the British Government through democratic means shall be exempt from this ruling."?
  12. I think this was a politcally necessary step - as far as the Government is concerned. Does anyone know if this opens them up to freezing of assets, etc?

    I do agree that it has the potential to create a bigger problem lurking in the shadows.

    Omar Bakri Muhammad, founder of al-Muhajiroun, told the BBC: "It will increase the popularity of al-Muhajiroun and increase the membership, and I think it is a grave mistake because it will force them underground and he is playing with fire.

    "It is nothing more than a think tank and a pressure group of students, they are never involved in any violence."

    I particularly like the last line, because I have personally seen them at work, busy being violent. They also phrase their posters, slogans, etc. to maximise outrage in the hopes of provoking the rest of us. They are the very worst of organisations.
  13. Good! Any deportations in the offing? If not, why not?
  14. The flame from the oxygen of publicity burns brightly in the home of Anjem Choudhary.
  15. Help4islamicHeroes?

    That would single-handedly revive the British Outrage Bus industry.