Ban on hunting with guns....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Nov 21, 2004.

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  1. Ban on hunting with guns is the next target for anti hunting scum, on Countryfile today the league against cruel sports said the guns were next.

    Watch out because fishing is on the list to.
  2. its all a waste of parliament time verging on obssession, they are spending too much time on this hunting ban issue at the expense of a more worthwhile legislations, they are also alienating many voters
  3. When the government bans something like hunting with dogs/guns/angling, is there a compensation package in place to reimburse the sportsman for the equipment they can no longer use?

    With somewhere around 3.5 million people in Britain enjoying the sport of angling, if the govt were responsible for compo they would think twice about banning it. Personnally i own a couple of grands worth of sea angling kit, i think a compo bill of a couple of billion would put them off a ban.

  4. Most of us got shafted when we handed in our revolvers when bLair came to power, although one or two of the blokes I shoot with actually made money by handing in pistols which were in no state to shoot as they had been "shot out" after years of use and had very little resale value.

    Some people were never compensated after the self loading rifle ban when £150 per rifle was offered and all that by a Conservative government.

    I think bLair will be thinking hard now regarding the election and watching how the hunting bill will effect his progress in the polls.
    I now intend to take up Beagling again after a 20 year lay off just to make a point and break the law for the fun of it!
  5. I know someone who had his kids working hard in his workshop for extra money, assembling pistol rounds to hand in for "compensation"! :twisted:
  6. Not too sure if the hunting with guns will be able to halt Labour's attack on life in the country, but I'd like to see them go on and have a go at angling.

    Two reasons:-

    1. I don't do angling so it wouldn't matter to me at all.

    2. Angling is a classless sport and was at one time (I don't know about today) the largest participant sport in Britain.

    I fear that the second point however will mean that they won't have the balls to try it.
  7. Can someone please clear for me why hunting is seen as a class sport?
    I seem to have missed this jump to upper by farriers and stable hands,
    Hunting has not effected any one class by the imposition of this ban,
    It has effected them all.
    And by doing so it will, given time and a re-imposition of the social divide, create just what the Government are hoping for a re-classification of the masses,
    Go to any hunt meet and listen to the accents of the riders,
    They are a social hot pot where common ground has created no class
    Ask a huntsman what he thinks of his dog handler and hear his awe and praise for the mastership he knows he will never match,
    Ask a stable hand about the rider and he’ll tell you in truth if the man is worthy of the mount.
    A sport that causes a division of the classes?
    Hunting is as a political issue far more dangerous,
    Hunting unites the working, middle and upper classes,
    Ask yourself how many people who vote labour do so because they where brought up to do so,
    What then if they are included in a circle where political topics are less left and more centre,
    Where a new horizon is shown.
    How does ‘New Labour’ fair then against the wider spectrum to the man who so blinkeredly voted it in?
    Just a thought.

    Guns are next, that was never in doubt really was it?
    In hunting they set the pattern,
    Age old, but still the soundest of campaign goals,
    Divide and conquer.

  8. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    OK, so hunting with dogs is out, same for guns... Whats left? well, I suppose you could mine the countryside, or leave a persistive nerve agent around... What about some nice snares? :roll:

    what next eh? and what will replace it?
  9. Any grouping that is at all selfsufficient, that promotes selfreliance and responsibility, seems to be anathema to the control freaks in New Labour.

    Shooting will be smothered by oblique legislation, unconnected with the actual private ownership of firearms; issues such as Health and Safety/Right to Roam across game and deer shoots.
    Lead shot is already banned over wildfowling areas, necessitating the use of more expensive steel and bismuth shot. Viable treatments for gapes and worm infestations in pheasants will become difficult and expensive to administer under new DEFRA rules.

    The British Association for Shooting and Conservation is fooling itself if they believe that they've got Alun Michael 'on-side', simply by giving him a day on the clay range.This duplicituous sh*t was instrumental in pushing the pistol ban though, in spite of the recommendations of the Cullen Report, and the Countryside Alliance must now be wishing they'd never agreed to talk to him. GLASS, the Green Lane Association (4x4 adventures) is another special interest group that is about to suffer from Alun Michael's decision to change the status of Roads Used as Public Paths to Restricted Byways in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000...

    If you belong to a special interest group that falls within Alun Michael's remit, one that offends the righteous b'stards in New Labour, beware; your days are numbered... Unless this shower are kicked out at the next election!

    Oh, yes, by-the-by.. Prediction: You can bet your arrse that compensation will not be paid to shooters again, because the Government got badly stung after the pistol ban; they're sure to find some way of weaseling out of it.
    Any bets?
  10. A blinding light just shone upon me... :idea: 8O :!:

    I said:
    'Any grouping that is at all self-sufficient, that promotes self-reliance and responsibility, seems to be anathema to the control freaks in New Labour.'

    Feck me! I just realised I could be talking about the Army...

    Now that explains a lot, doesn't it?
  11. Absolutely spot on Beebs, I couldn't have put it better.

    I spent the week in Eire visiting a friend with Mrs Tombs and we decided to go out for the day and along the lane we met the local hunt as it was about to set off, no police, no saboteurs just ordinary local people like the electrician who couldn't do any wiring in our friends house that day because he was gong hunting.
    Where the bloody hell have we gone wrong in this country that I love so much?
  12. Well, given that 40% of people in the UK now receive benefits of one kind or another (I think I read it in the Torygraph recently), it seems that Neue Arbeit are trying to buy the electorate. Welfare reform my arrse!

    To coin a phrase (remember: you heard it here 1st): Stealth Bribery
  13. Scrolling down, I find that you just said what I was about to say.
  14. Related to the link above!

    From the Herald, some time in 2003.