Ban on HTML e-mails

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by OldRedCap, Dec 25, 2006.

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    US Dept of Defence has banned all HTML mail following a raise in threat levels.

    Don't know if my question has OPSEC concerns - kill this of so - but it would be interesting to know if we have adopted the same bar on emails?
  2. DoD have siginifcantly greater dependance on the www than UK Defence does at present.
  3. I m currently with the septics and the www is on nearly every type of system they use so they are trying to be more careful now that they have realised it has left them exposed. I get to use the machines for this but unable to send any pics of my chebs in for arrse users as it blocks the ability to add imagery. Funny thing is there are so many firewalls now they ve even restricted access to many of their own sites! super duper.
  4. LOL, thats because the MOD is just waking up to the fact that broadband connections actually exist. We don't need to adopt such a ban - normally the dial up or super hi-tech ISDN is down, which is far better than any firewall ;)
  5. Why any one would want HTML emails allowed in their mail client has been beyond me, for years.

    I'm not a SecAdmin, but if I was, It would have been a policy implimentation, made at least two years ago.
  6. Old news. DoD has blocked HTML e-mail for years now. You're lucky if your browser isn't layered with security add-ons that block you from your favourite web sites. :roll:

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  8. "Since about 2006 perhaps?"

    Ha! Way ahead of me!