Ban on homosexuals donating blood lifted.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by supermatelot, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. It's just been announced that the ban on homosexuals donating blood is to be lifted - provided they have not engaged in oral or [edited] for 12 months. This ban was brought about when HIV first reared it's ugly head.

    My question to any of the medics here:

    Is this logical and safe or is it a case of equality rights trumping all else?

    Will try to find a link, just seen it on BBC24.

    Here's a link from April announcing when the idea was mooted:

    Homosexual men allowed to give blood but sex banned for decade - Telegraph
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  2. More to the point, what level of proof is required for the 12 month thing? Scout's Honour?
  3. Is that sex generally or unprotected sex??
  4. So we're talking a load of old queens who can't remeber where they're supposed to stick it anyway?

    Also, I can't imagine anyone, let alone a bunch of sensitive poofs having to admit to a nurse at a donation session that they haven't had a shag or noshed anyone in over a decade. The meer sight of a poof at a session will confirm he's billy-no-bum-mates.

    Bet they'll be empty in Brighton :nod:
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  5. This is Arrse ******* anonymous territory, a extremely gray minefield area indeed.

    You would need to seek official guidance from the authority's to gain the answer you are looking for.
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    What happens if he tugs you off and then licks his fingers afterwards. Sort of defeats the object!
  7. to this thread....Now!!!
  8. Once again the social fabric of todays society will be torn apart.
  9. As opposed to a goats bottie?
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    It has now that you have turned up.
  11. Also, what happens if you're innocently relaxing in a gay sauna in London somewhere, anywhere, not necessarily Trojans Gym & Sauna at the end of Old Compton Street, (because your local leisure centre is full of course) and you slip on some liquid on the floor and inadvertantly get some in your mouth?

    I mean has anyone thought of the practicalities of this?
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  12. To be fair to AK and his mates...when Allah said 'go forth and shag a kid' he probably wasn't referring to goats
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  13. Heterosexual people get aids too, I guess fags are at higher risk but theres enough blokes that shag birds up the shitter without a johnny im sure... Id like to think that all blood is screened properly!

    Or was this brought in originally to stop you turning into a queer after getting some queer blood hahaha
  14. To be fair and honest, no society accepted homosexual before the creation of Allah came into existance. Homosexuality is an abnormality. Its un-natural and demeaning.

    I dont need Allah, Jesus nor the lost tribes of Israel to tell me that.

    As for the topic as usual the Militant homosexuals win again, there is a high risk of HIV within the Homosexuals blood for that reason it was banned, it should remain banned and these new laws are just plain stupid, 12 months eh, how are they going to prove that.