Ban on coal and " wet " wood for use in wood burners and fireplaces


. . . and, for those of us who've lived in Germany:

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A variation of the holzhausen, constructed so as to allow the wood to dry and season. Having travelled to Norway several times, they utilise a similar system.
In North America, we have a unit of measurement for firewood called a "cord"


A proper cord of wood is 4' tall x 4' wide x 8' long, and in my neck of the woods a cord of properly seasoned hardwood like birch, ash, and maple runs about $75, delivered.
I had a coal fire in my MQ in RAF Wittering in '84. When I arrived in Scampton in '87 they'd only just put the chimneys in the MQs out of action and fitted storage heaters. We were all burning coal and polluting the f**k out of the atmosphere, but then we had no choice in the matter.
Our MOD Quarter in Stanmore, London, in 2019 still had a working open fire. And we used it.
Ban it from being sold, that does for household coal. Can't stop people burning their own wood, but a ban on sales will reduce it.
That seems to have worked for cannabis. Me and the Mrs used to love knocking up a load of brownies, and having a great big spliff whilst they baked in the oven, but you can't get it for love nor money any more.

Oh no, hang on a minute, I'm thinking of cassettes.
I guess the Rozzers will soon be issued with moisture meters and pollution testing kits , good job they are over staffed with plenty of free time.
That seems to have worked for cannabis. Me and the Mrs used to love knocking up a load of brownies, and having a great big spliff whilst they baked in the oven, but you can't get it for love nor money any more.

Oh no, hang on a minute, I'm thinking of cassettes.
Pssst? Wanna buy an eighth* of coal?

* of a ton
Removing wet wood from the marketplace and trying to ensure that the only option for non wood-pikeys is kiln dried or properly seasoned stock is a good idea in principle. As the ownership of a wood burner has started to creep into the urban environment it only takes a couple of residents to feed a net bag of cheap nasty stuff into their burners and a whole housing estate can be enveloped in a smelly fog, so anything to stop that is a good idea. Some new converts to wood burners haven't got a clue what they put in (my local B&Q sell 'kiln dried wood' at a premium price but store it where it gets pissed wet through every time it rains... and mugs still buy it...)

This does however come across a bit like a decree aimed at the solving a problem in city/urban areas, which is going to also impact on people living in rural areas. Rural folk do however generally have a bit more nous about them to know how to season and store wood before chucking it into a fire.

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Is this taking things a wee bit too far ?House coal and wet wood to be phased out by 2023 to cut pollution
How do you enforce it ?
Anthracite has a distinct smell , but how will they police the burning of wood ?
A lot of people in the countryside , and elderly people in towns too , rely on wood and coal fires .
At 45 pence a litre for fuel oil , so do I , frankly .
There are two wood suppliers in the village ( population 350 ) and we all have the good common sense to know the diff between seasoned and unseasoned wood ( If you don't , you get chimney fires ) .What happens to them ? Let me guess , they will need a licence and their details will be passed on to HMRC as well .
My view is it's a hammer to crack a walnut , frankly
I wonder how many Government ministers, and their cronies are buying shares in alternative fuel sources ?
I understand that the Ok Yah set in London have taken to woodburning stoves and this is causing pollution
but a while ago they said they would ban gas boilers as well
going to be a lot of tradesmen and companies out of work
what about preserved railways ?
and old steam power ships
traction engines etc ??
This has the stench of an EU inspired edict. The French burn so much wood it's a miracle there's a tree left standing in Normandy. I can't see the Chinese paying much attention to a coal burning ban either. As usual, we are the mugs, and complicit in the mugging are our own civil servants who invariably gold-plate the river of crap flowing out of Brussels.
Any evidence to back your assertion that this is some dastardly EU plot?
I agree, FWIW.

A typical piece of Metrocentric knee-jerk window dressing from people who have never lived anywhere remotely wooded.
Lots of more rural places don't HAVE pipeline gas. It's not just retired yuppies who use Oil fired CH and woodburners in the sitting room

All the domestic waste disposal sites have a big skip marked Wood Only.....guess where it gets carted off to when it's full ?

In 2012, there was a 3 MONTH fire at a waste wood site in Hertfordshire.

Three-month blaze firm shuts down

'The fire, near junction 8 of the M1, destroyed 10,000 tonnes of wood. '

How much CO2 did that put into the atmosphere then ? Nice going guys.
Just think bigger , the UK “will go carbon” neutral in , 2050. Great sound bite but how Can that happen? Oh carbon neutral is not carbon zero , just another “Spin” from the politicians. They , the politicians have also said no petrol, diesel or hybrid cars by 2035/2040.

So , just thinking , bought a new petrol car in 2029. It’s toast in 2035? What about every older car in the UK .

All cars will be electric in 2050. I’ll be dead by then but where will the UK be getting its electricity from then?

Solar, wind, nuc power.
So who will be building these “clean” power sources And just HTF will they be built without using carbon as we will be buying solar panels made in China etc.

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