Ban on coal and " wet " wood for use in wood burners and fireplaces


Yup, 250 ish miles on a full charge for a Renault Zoe or only 150 in the winter if you dare to use the heater.
Can be up to 14 hours for a full 100% charge (some websites say 37 hours from a domestic socket)
We looked at one a few years ago, nothing has changed but the battery range has gone up 40 miles in 8 years, not exactly earth-shattering.

We looked at a "pure" electric (HiD is intent on getting one). The range and time to charge were deal breakers. We've had three hybrids - one diesel/electric, two petrol/electric ("self-chargers"). I guess about 15% more range on the open road for the hybrids than pure petrol, not sure about in town, even using air con and heated seats in winter.
So it’s just a revenue generator plan. Same as diesel is now the bogeyman, after previously heralded as more eco than petrol.
Sod all to do with environment.
A rerun of Top Gear the other night.Clarkson and May in electric cars.Obvious problem with batteries running low.They mentioned ,perhaps as a joke, that the fun fair dodgem cars may have the answer.
Perhaps they were actually onto something...

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