Ban of helmet scrim in AFG

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Peter_Skellen, Oct 23, 2011.

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  1. After reading a recent DIN in the clothing store, helmet scrim, as in the face vail wrapped around the helmet is banned in theretre. Also the pracice of of using green "sniper" tape to tape down the helmet cover/scrim is also banned. Their reasoning is, that the troops out on the ground are being spotted much more eaisly by seeing the "bright green tape".

    It seems as a result of this a new helmet cover is being brought out, from the pics it seems that its much like the second world war type, actual scrim, the type used on gillie suits etc.

    Im all for it if it works, however whats everybody elses veiws on the matter, espically those back from recent tours H13/H14? It just seems a little bit far fetched - being spotted by the green tape on helmets?
  2. I'm not convinced that some green tape (which doesn't stay green for very long) isn't going to give your position away anymore than the black rifles, glasses with yellow lenses, the mass of antennas a Plt will have shared out between them or the fact that they'll be moving slowly waving metal detectors about.
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  3. I don't believe the spotting thing for a second.

    They'll be getting dicked the second they leave their PB, FOB etc.
    If the Taliban are able to see sniper tape around your helmet, then there's serious problems if they are that close!
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  4. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Looks like people are gonna have to find a new way of looking ally.
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  5. The reason most I knew of put green tape on was. In order to be able to fit HMNVS securly to the helmet it was beeter to cut off the drawstring on the cover and tape down what was left of the helmet cover. You also fot a better fit around the side of the helmet.
    As for the properties of the camoflage. CO of RGR didn't agree as he had all his BG with bits of cam net attached to their helmets to aid better camoflage.
  6. It has nothing to do with being seen, it is because the green tape is a good aiming marker for Head shots from Terry.
    The helmet cover is designed to disrupt the outline of the head so stop being ally and wear whats issued!
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  7. Ref my bold. It seems thats the thinking now rather than the popular scrim scarf type of helmets.

    Everything that has been mentioned previously is my thinking aswell ref the green tape. rumor has it that there is some MTP tape being trialed at the min.

    One of the first things we were told on RSOI on H11 was to scrim out helemts, did a pretty good job of braking up the colour of the old deserts, esp in the green zone.
  8. And adding scrim somehow removes it's disruptive qualities?

    I'm not remotely bothered if it's banned or not but g10 nazis like you do my head in.
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  9. Green Tape is an aiming marker? As opposed to the face underneath the green tape? Yes I sure they aim for the inch of green tape around the helmet
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  10. jrwlynch

    jrwlynch LE Book Reviewer

    True to an extent, but the scrim + tape *is* more easily spotted - Dstl helped run a quick trial recently - and why give the bad guys any more help than necessary?
  11. True, but has already been mentioned we're being dicked from the minute we leave the FOB/PB or enter the green zone. We don't wear cam cream nor do we bother sticking foliage in the loops on our helmet cover or anywhere else on our kit, I can't see the green tape being easier for Terry to see than a big sweaty face in yellow glasses.
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  12. the problem is people using warrior repair tape which has a lumiglow property instead of the cloth nbc repair tape so yes it is a really big aiming marker when viewed via a night scope since its emmiting light as opposed ot hte skin under it

    although tbh i'm more surprised hte taliban dont have top of the line us made startlight scopes with full thermal and ir capabilities as opposed ot hte old school cws junk that "sings" in the night.

    also if the system really wanted ot prevent the use of such tape then it should provide the proper tape to everyone instead of hording it and letting people use stuff like electrical tape cos thy gotta use something.
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  13. Let's invent light brown (and while we're at it, woodland green) sniper tape. I've always been confused as to why it's so bright.
  14. Probably because its not actually 'sniper' tape, as far as I was aware it was for repairing NBC suits.
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