Ban French Chicken Imports NOW

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. Remember BSE Jacques?. The Government should ban all French Bird products NOW. I know theres a very good chance that we'll get this HN51 soon, but we have the opportunity to make a political statement. Not a chance of it happening though.
  2. Exactly, not at all, because it wouldn't be in keeping with the spirit of European cooperation and unity which we so enjoy... :roll:
  3. Horse bolted, stable door well ajar

    If H5N1 isn't already in the wild bird population in UK then it will be within a month, as the migrating birds move north from Southern Europe.

    After France ,we are the biggest bird livestock producer in Europe.We should already have measures in place to help contain the outbreak WHEN and not if it comes.
    I'm sure we all remember the Foot & Mouth outbreak , this has the potential to totally eclipse that.
    DOOOM DOOOM, we're alll DOOOOOMED!!!!!!!!!!! :D :wink:
  4. I don't think we need to stoop their level. Although steps should be taken NOW to combat this problem. When it hit Turkey it was only a matter of time before it got in to Europe. With two confirmed cases in Germany, its crossover to France is only a matter of time. It would be nice for the government to preempt a crisis for once.
  5. Why on earth do we need to import chicken? its not as if we cant produce them ourselves. I'm a great believer in keeping "food miles" to a minimum, and wherever possible, buying my food from local suppliers.
    Apologies Guru for momentarily diverting the thread, but this is where I buy my produce.

    Great food, a clear conscience, and two fingers to the French. :D
  6. I am now a full-on food hippy. I buy all my meat from my local butcher who can tell me axactly where it's come from. It's all British and (apart from the excellent Scottish beef) all very local to where I live.
  7. Butchers here in Scotland only buy locally. The farm from which the meat comes is identified at point of sale. Chatting to locals in pub in our little village means they can almost tell us which corner of which field. Local pride ensures meat is properly prepared over a period of time and is really first class stuff. I refuse to even look at supermarket meat which is generally butchered and on sale within three or four days.
    If you look around and see just how many chicken products there are in ready meal form, it is understandable why we import chicken. I cannot see how we will escape bird flu. The Govt is making brave noises but I suspect it will go the way of their other agricultural and farming probllems - badly!
  8. Bird flu will be already in the country, its just a matter of how long it takes to be found out.
  9. I am assured that Singapore will shut it's self off the Moment Malaysia admits a full scale outbreak and that Aussei will give it's overseas citizen two days to get home then the shutters come down for the duration.
  10. The way Singapore reacted to SARS, that's a given - I just hope it doesn't happen before the Hong Kong 7s!
  11. The Singapore and Australian Governments might like to do that but it is entirely impractical. 'The duration' you mention could be months or years. Indeed the Bird flu that has affected Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, etc has not stopped the flow of people nor goods (other than poultry) between our nations.

    Other than culling flocks of poultry the only way of containing the human variant, at this stage is with medical isolation as and when cases occur. Should the variant evolve further to the point where it can be transmitted human to human, then we may see seriously dramatic action.
  12. Hmmm
    From what the CDC is saying here, the Duration will be a while.
    Assuming the first case is located on Day one of the scenario . A City like Seatle (about a million inhabitants?) will face the following issues (sorry this is from Memory) Hospital Beds (total) are 2,0000(ish) and Not all these are Intensive Care.
    Within a Month 3,000 people per day will be going down, and need Hospital care of the Intensive Care variety. The outbreak will Peak at day 88. At that point the outbreak will be bringing in around 12,000 cases PER DAY. It will take about the same amount of time to abate.
    That means around about 6 months will be needed for it to sweep through the Population.
    The implicit "rules" will be to provide NO medical care for elderly, smokers, people with compromised respitory systems (Astma). The rest will get what is likely to be ineffectual medical care, although the CDC did not make this point explicit.

    The CDC did not mention publically what mortality rates were likely to be, however you do not need the brains of an Archbishop to see that large numbers will die.
    I have heared that the mortality rate, without the hospitals being overwhelmed, is 80 to 90%. Even if lower than this, the potential mortality rate is something over that of the infamous Black Death of the 14th Century.
    Scares the Pooh out of me when I contemplate this one and killing a Few million chickens will do what?
  13. Birdey I got that from a serious source who has knowledge on the matter.
    As a resident you will of all board members know how paranoid the Aussy state is on Animal and Plant import matters.
    It is "amazing" that Malaysia is not reporting cases, as I have mentioned in other posts Governments do not tell the truth in this part of the world they are down right bare faced liers, and we have just had the main tourist season. No gov would ruin this years season by telling the truth especially after last years disasterous Tsunami.
    Get ya Tinnys in and prepare to bunker down for the duration
    its cumming to a place near you & moi.
  14. Ban is a very dangerous tool. Listen to 'The Voice of America'

  15. Ah Sergey
    American Big Busines is putin the pressure on King George and Valdimir will cum under pressure to take yank chicken. Rather then the proposed Thai Chicken which is being ofered in return for your most valuable SU35 the Thai Airforce has asked for in a barter deal.
    Why only last week a senior US admiral was saying that Thailand should consider all it's options before concluding a Chicken for Fighter deal.