Ban Facebook/ Twitter Posts

I have the latest version of windows 10 and use the Firefox browser. Some people seem to agree with me so I'm not the only one.
In the address bar type about:config
Then, in Options - Privacy the "Use Tracking protection in Private Windows" make sure the checkbox is still checked.

Job jobbed.
we still have clients using some of our software dating back to the early 80's - I wonder if the OP is one of them.
He's probably got a computer like the one I used to have.

By the way, the big box thingy with the hard drive in was left in the garage. Imagine if someone tries to "Gary Glitter" me? Imagine their dismay when the only dirty thing on there (keyboard doesn't count) is the chicken bone incident?
Cos I can't read them. Facebook and Twitter are to be despised, due to their social media bollocksness. And I don't see why I should have to subscribe to them to be able to read some posts. Therefor people trying to infect this site with such should be put on ROP's and spanked furiously. Even if they don't want to be.
What if they want to be spanked, won't you be encouraging them ?
What browser are you using?
I can't speak for the OP's situation, but some people are reading ARRSE from work using their work PC or with their phone via the work WiFi. It is not uncommon for the IT department to block Twitter, Facebook, and other time wasting social media at the corporate firewall. ARRSE goes under the radar so to speak because few of the IT types (or the consultants their managers hire to come up with the policy) have heard of it.

The result is that a post which consists solely or mainly of a link to Twitter can just appears as an error in a small box. It is also not unusual for Twitter or Facebook to have a hick-up (this can also be a local or regional networking issue) producing the same result, but on a temporary basis. Twitter seems particularly prone to this, I suspect due to the details of how they update their distributed database in different parts of the world.

Overall though, it's probably not an issue worth worrying about. If someone has a point to make that is worth reading they'll usually be able to make it themselves in a way which stands on its own rather than just linking to Twitter or Facebook. If it's just a link that fails to resolve then in reality you've saved yourself the 15 seconds or so that you would have wasted reading it.

If on the other hand someone is just complaining about not being able to see funny cat videos that are hosted on Facebook, they're not really any different from the ones on Youtube.
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So what is CP/M then? Care to elaborate? Sharing is caring bud.
It's an operating system. MS-DOS started off as an unlicensed knock-off of CP/M which Microsoft "bought" from a hardware company that had access to the source code (but wasn't authorised to sell it). Yes, it ended up in court, but this was the US and Microsoft had deeper pockets.
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CP/M - the Stone Age of computer operating systems. (1974-75) Even predates MS-DOS (which uses some features of CP/M)

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