Baltimore Baseball Player has some harsh words for Obama

Baltimore Orioles slugger Luke Scott stopped by baseball's winter meetings Tuesday and, after some harmless chatter about his team's offseason dealings, stated with conviction that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

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Answer Man: Luke Scott talks Nugent, hunting and Obama origin - Big League Stew - MLB  - Yahoo! Sports

He will probably be denounced by the Lame-Stream Media as a "birther" and a "Tea-bagger" nut but he does bring up a valid point. Why is every record about this president "sealed" and "not available" to the press and the public?

The Purple-Lipped Wonder will be available for tours of socialist hot-spots in Europe after 20 Jan 2013 (after his defeat) to give you Europeans the benefits(?) of his wisdom (?) about crafting a new state that is more equal and caring to the proletariat. Maybe he'll take that old fool Jimmy Carter with him. Two Nobel Peace Prize laureates for the price of one. And maybe something will happen to their plane on the way over the Atlantic and it'll do an Air France nose-dive. OOooops. It's a win-win sceanario for everybody. :highfive::thumright:
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I am no Obummer fan, didn't vote for him, and won't vote for him again. However, having said that: This issue has been beaten to death and is really a non issue. Believe me, its been investigated up, down, sideways, and every which way to Sunday. IF there was any truth at all to this, it would have come out.

FOX News, etc would get a Pultizer Prize, if they could prove it. MILLIONS of dollars has been wasted in the investigation. Time to move on to more important issues, Obummer is screwing up; like the economy and the fact he is a spineless jellyfish.
I would rather like to see his university transcript and his university dissertations though... plus anything relating to his time as "faculty" and at Harvard Law Review, in both cases of which he appears to have been paid a lot of money for doing nothing.

You don't spend several million dollars in lawyer's fees getting them sealed unless there is something interesting in there!

The birth certificate is a nonissue; the university records not.

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